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The Idea of Beautiful by Rapsody [2012] [album editions]

The Idea of Beautiful (Rapsody)

Track listing

1Motivation (ft. Big Rube)
2How Does It Feel (ft. Rocki Evans)
3Precious Wings
4Believe Me
5NonFiction (ft. Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul)
6The Drums (ft. Heather Victoria)
7Kind of Love (ft. Nomsa Mazwai)
10Good Good Love (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid)
11In the Town (ft. Nomsa Mazwai)
12RoundTable Discussion (ft. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids)
13The Cards (ft. Big Remo)
14Come Home (ft. Rocki Evans)
15When I Have You (ft. Nomsa Mazwai)
16Believe Me (9th Wonder HaHaHaHa Remix)

Rapsody albums

1Return of the B-Girl[ 2010 ]
2She Got Game[ 2013 ]
3Thank H.E.R. Now[ 2011 ]
4The Idea of Beautiful[ 2012 ]
1Return of the B-Girl (Rapsody)
2She Got Game (Rapsody)
3Thank H.E.R. Now (Rapsody)
4The Idea of Beautiful (Rapsody)

Rapsody songs

11983 [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:27
2A Song About Nothing [from the "She Got Game"]03:47
3Angel (ft. Laws) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:30
4Baby Yeah (ft.Marsha Ambrosius) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:01
5Believe Me [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:08
6Believe Me (9th Wonder HaHaHaHa Remix) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:11
7Black Diamonds (ft.Raekwon) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:15
8Black Girl Jedi [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:19
9Blankin Out (ft. Mac Miller) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:26
10Blankin Out (Remix) (ft.Jean Grae) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:51
11Caught Up (ft. Raheem Devaughn) [from the "She Got Game"]04:57
12Celebrate [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:59
13Cherry On Top [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:01
14Cipher Kid (ft. Big Remo) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:06
15Coconut Oil Ft Raekwon & Mela Machinko [from the "She Got Game"]02:46
16Come Home (ft. Rocki Evans) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:24
17Complacent (ft. Problem) [from the "She Got Game"]03:21
18Dark Knights (ft. Wale) [from the "She Got Game"]04:31
19Destiny [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]02:28
20Extra Extra (ft. Mac Miller & Halo) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:32
21Feel Like (Love Love) (ft. Common) [from the "She Got Game"]03:29
22Fly Girl Power (ft.Estelle) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:25
23Generation (ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan) [from the "She Got Game"]04:02
24Good Good Love (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]06:01
25Her Throne [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]02:45
26Honda Accord (Remix) (ft. Skyzoo & Thee Tom Hardy) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:04
27Hoop Dreams To Rap Dreams (ft. King Mez & Skyzoo) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:58
28How Does It Feel (ft. Rocki Evans) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:20
29I'm Ready (ft. Hetaher Victoria) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:20
30In the Town (ft. Nomsa Mazwai) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:22
31Jedi Code (ft. Phonte & Jay Electronica) [from the "She Got Game"]04:46
32Kind of Love (ft. Nomsa Mazwai) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:58
33Kingship [from the "She Got Game"]02:49
34Lampin [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]06:12
35Lemme Think [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:35
36Little Things (ft. Phil Ade) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:35
37Little Things (Remix) (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Heather Victoria) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:56
38Lonely Thoughts (ft. Chance The Rapper) [from the "She Got Game"]04:39
39Love Peace & Soul (ft.Tyler Woods) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]06:00
40Love Tonight (ft. Sundown) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:22
41Lover After All (ft. Gwen Bunn) [from the "She Got Game"]04:28
42Make It After All [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:14
43Motivation (ft. Big Rube) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:41
44My Melo My Man (Melo Anthony) (ft. Tp) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]02:57
45My Song (ft. Mela Machinko) [from the "She Got Game"]03:31
46Never Fail [from the "She Got Game"]02:26
47Never Know (ft. Nispey Hussle Ab-Soul and Terrace Martin) [from the "She Got Game"]04:44
48No More Trouble (ft. Enigma, Halo & Sean Boog) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]06:07
49NonFiction (ft. Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:49
50One Time (ft. Tab One Charlie Smarts & Phonte) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:36
51Out Tha Trunk [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:26
52Precious Wings [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:08
53Return of The B-Girl (Mara Jade) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:03
54RoundTable Discussion (ft. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:18
55Sky Fallin (My Mind) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:49
56So Be It (ft.Big Krit) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:28
57Special Way [from the "She Got Game"]03:19
58Star Warz (ft.Murs & Sundown) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:53
59Sweetest Hangover [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:02
60Thank Her Now [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:29

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Rapsody is an American rapper from Snow Hill, North Carolina.

Rapsody is known for her intricate rhyme patterns, metaphors, and wordplay. []


  • Hip hop
  • Believe Me by Rapsody

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