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Almost Here by The Academy Is... [2005] [album editions]

Almost Here (The Academy Is...)

Track listing

3Slow Down
4The Phrase That Pays
5Black Mamba
6Skeptics and True Believers
9Down and Out
10Almost Here

The Academy Is... albums

1Almost Here[ 2005 ]
2Fast Times at Barrington High[ 2008 ]
3Santi[ 2007 ]
1Almost Here (The Academy Is...)
2Fast Times at Barrington High (The Academy Is...)
3Santi (The Academy Is...)

The Academy Is... songs

140 Steps [from the "Santi"]04:29
2About a Girl [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:30
3After the Last Midtown Show [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]05:12
4Almost Here [from the "Almost Here"]03:06
5Attention [from the "Almost Here"]02:53
6Automatic Eyes [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:25
7Beware! Cougar! [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:37
8Black Mamba [from the "Almost Here"]02:46
9Bulls In Brooklyn [from the "Santi"]03:27
10Checkmarks [from the "Almost Here"]03:00
11Chop Chop [from the "Santi"]03:26
12Classifieds [from the "Almost Here"]02:52
13Coppertone [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:18
14Crowded Room [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:07
15Down and Out [from the "Almost Here"]04:30
16Everything We Had [from the "Santi"]03:38
17Everything We Had (One Take Acoustic Mix) (Bonus Track) [from the "Santi"]04:11
18Ghost [from the "Santi"]03:51
19His Girl Friday [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:40
20LAX To O'Hare [from the "Santi"]03:36
21Neighbors [from the "Santi"]03:10
22One More Weekend [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:43
23Paper Chase [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:29
24Rumored Nights [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:44
25Same Blood [from the "Santi"]03:14
26Season [from the "Almost Here"]03:34
27Seed [from the "Santi"]04:17
28Skeptics and True Believers [from the "Almost Here"]02:54
29Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime) [from the "Santi"]03:36
30Slow Down [from the "Almost Here"]04:02
31Summer Hair = Forever Young [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:38
32The Phrase That Pays [from the "Almost Here"]03:17
33The Test [from the "Fast Times at Barrington High"]03:29
34Toasted Skin [from the "Santi"]03:55
35Unexpected Places [from the "Santi"]04:15
36We've Got a Big Mess On Our Hands [from the "Santi"]03:26
37You Might Have Noticed [from the "Santi"]03:22

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The Academy Is...

The Academy Is... was an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2003. []


  • Emo,
  • Pop punk,
  • Indie rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-punk revival
  • Checkmarks by The Academy Is...

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