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All For Love by New Edition [1985] [album editions]

All For Love (New Edition)

Track listing

1Count Me OUt
2A Little Bit Of Love (Is All I
3Sweet Thing
4With You All The Way
5Let's Be Friends
7Tonight's Your Night
8Whispers In Bed
9Who Do You Trust
11All For Love

New Edition albums

1All For Love[ 1985 ]
2Candy Girl[ 1983 ]
3Gold[ 2005 ]
4Heart Break[ 1988 ]
5Home Again[ 1996 ]
6New Edition[ 1984 ]
7One Love[ 2004 ]
8Under the Blue Moon[ 1986 ]
1All For Love (New Edition)
2Candy Girl (New Edition)
3Gold (New Edition)
4Heart Break (New Edition)
5Home Again (New Edition)
6New Edition (New Edition)
7One Love (New Edition)
8Under the Blue Moon (New Edition)

New Edition songs

1(Hey There) Lonely Girl [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]03:35
2A Little Bit Of Love (Is All I [from the "All For Love"]04:11
3A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It takes) [from the "Gold"]03:33
4A Million to One [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]02:29
5A Thousand Miles Away [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]02:49
6All For Love [from the "All For Love"]03:49
7All On You [from the "One Love"]03:32
8B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)? [from the "Gold"]04:35
9Baby Love [from the "New Edition"]04:35
10Been So Long [from the "One Love"]04:23
11Best Man [from the "One Love"]03:56
12Blue Moon [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]02:21
13Boys To Men [from the "Heart Break"]04:10
14Bring Back the Memories [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]03:27
15Can You Stand the Rain [from the "Heart Break"]04:54
16Can You Stand the Rain [from the "Gold"]04:46
17Candy Girl [from the "Candy Girl"]03:54
18Come Home With Me [from the "One Love"]04:07
19Competition [from the "Heart Break"]04:28
20Conference Call [from the "One Love"]01:40
21Cool It Now [from the "Gold"]04:11
22Cool It Now [from the "New Edition"]05:43
23Count Me Out [from the "Gold"]04:07
24Count Me OUt [from the "All For Love"]05:43
25Crucial [from the "Heart Break"]04:33
26Crucial [from the "Gold"]04:34
27Delicious [from the "New Edition"]04:37
28Do What I Gotta Do (Radio Edit) [from the "Gold"]04:39
29Don't Be Cruel [from the "Gold"]04:55
30Duke of Earl [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]02:57
31Earth Angel [from the "Gold"]04:00
32Earth Angel [from the "Under the Blue Moon"]03:57
33Every Little Step [from the "Gold"]03:59
34Feelin' It [from the "One Love"]03:52
35Gimme Your Love [from the "Candy Girl"]04:18
36Girlfriend [from the "Gold"]04:10
37Gotta Have Your Lovin' [from the "Candy Girl"]05:02
38Hear Me Out [from the "Home Again"]05:12
39Helplessly In Love [from the "Gold"]03:05
40Hide And Seek [from the "New Edition"]03:44
41Hit Me Off [from the "Gold"]04:17
42Hit Me Off [from the "Home Again"]04:21
43Home Again [from the "Home Again"]06:23
44Hot2Nite [from the "One Love"]03:23
45How Do You Like Your Love Served [from the "Home Again"]05:32
46Humpin' Around [from the "Gold"]04:21
47If It Isn't Love [from the "Heart Break"]05:10
48If It Isn't Love [from the "Gold"]03:45
49Im Comin Home [from the "Heart Break"]05:06
50I'm Leaving You Again [from the "New Edition"]04:15
51I'm Still In Love With You [from the "Gold"]03:47
52I'm Still In Love With You [from the "Home Again"]04:39
53Introduction [from the "Heart Break"]01:05
54Is This the End [from the "Candy Girl"]04:10
55Jealous Girl [from the "Candy Girl"]04:54
56Kickback [from the "All For Love"]03:29
57Kinda Girls We Like [from the "New Edition"]05:28
58Last Time [from the "One Love"]02:46
59Leave Me [from the "One Love"]04:05
60Let's Be Friends [from the "All For Love"]04:26

New Edition - top artists list [#512]

New Edition

New Edition is an R&B group formed in Boston in 1978.

The group reached its height of popularity during the 1980s.

They were the progenitors of the boy band movement of the 1980s and 1990s and led the way for groups like New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync.


  • R&B,
  • Dance-pop,
  • New jack swing
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