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Scream by Chris Cornell [2009] [album editions]

Scream (Chris Cornell)

Track listing

1Part of Me
3Sweet Revenge
4Get Up
5Ground Zero
6Never Far Away
7Take Me Alive (ft. Justin Timberlake)
8Long Gone (ft. Timbaland)
11Other Side of Town
12Climbing The Walls
13Watch Out

Chris Cornell albums

1Carry On[ 2007 ]
2Euphoria Morning[ 1999 ]
3Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
4Scream[ 2009 ]
5Songbook[ 2011 ]
1Carry On (Chris Cornell)
2Euphoria Morning (Chris Cornell)
3Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Scream (Chris Cornell)
5Songbook (Chris Cornell)

Chris Cornell songs

1All Night Thing (Temple of the Dog cover) [from the "Songbook"]03:25
2Arms Around Your Love [from the "Carry On"]03:31
3As Hope and Promise Fade [from the "Songbook"]03:47
4Billie Jean [from the "Carry On"]04:41
5Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:37
6Call Me a Dog (Temple of the Dog cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:51
7Can't Change Me [from the "Songbook"]04:18
8Can't Change Me [from the "Euphoria Morning"]03:23
9Cleaning My Gun [from the "Songbook"]05:18
10Climbing The Walls [from the "Scream"]04:50
11Disappearing Act [from the "Carry On"]04:33
12Disappearing One [from the "Euphoria Morning"]03:48
13Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:08
14Enemy [from the "Scream"]04:35
15Fell on Black Days (Soundgarden cover) [from the "Songbook"]05:05
16Finally Forever [from the "Carry On"]03:37
17Flutter Girl [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:25
18Follow My Way [from the "Euphoria Morning"]05:10
19Get Up [from the "Scream"]03:35
20Ghosts [from the "Carry On"]03:51
21Ground Zero [from the "Scream"]03:09
22Ground Zero [from the "Songbook"]02:58
23I Am the Highway (Audioslave cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:56
24Imagine (John Lennon cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:06
25Killing Birds [from the "Carry On"]03:38
26Like a Stone (Audioslave cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:04
27Long Gone (ft. Timbaland) [from the "Scream"]05:15
28Mission [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:05
29Mission 2000 - Chris Cornell [from the "Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)"]03:42
30Moonchild [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:02
31Never Far Away [from the "Scream"]05:06
32No Such Thing [from the "Carry On"]03:44
33Other Side of Town [from the "Scream"]04:48
34Part of Me [from the "Scream"]05:14
35Pillow Of Your Bones [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:29
36Poison Eye [from the "Carry On"]03:53
37Preaching the End of the World [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:41
38Safe And Sound [from the "Carry On"]04:16
39Scar On The Sky [from the "Carry On"]03:40
40Scar on the Sky [from the "Songbook"]03:40
41Scream [from the "Scream"]06:14
42She'll Never Be Your Man [from the "Carry On"]03:24
43Silence The Voices [from the "Carry On"]04:27
44Steel Rain [from the "Euphoria Morning"]05:42
45Sweet Euphoria [from the "Euphoria Morning"]03:08
46Sweet Revenge [from the "Scream"]04:10
47Take Me Alive (ft. Justin Timberlake) [from the "Scream"]04:36
48Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover) [from the "Songbook"]04:48
49The Keeper [from the "Songbook"]03:59
50Time [from the "Scream"]04:39
51Today (Bonus Track) [from the "Carry On"]03:03
52Watch Out [from the "Scream"]08:07
53Wave Goodbye [from the "Euphoria Morning"]03:43
54When I'm Down [from the "Euphoria Morning"]04:20
55Wide Awake (Audioslave cover) [from the "Songbook"]03:33
56You Know My Name [from the "Carry On"]04:01
57Your Soul Today [from the "Carry On"]03:27

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

Christopher John Boyle, professionally known as Chris Cornell, is an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Soundgarden and as the former lead vocalist for Audioslave. []


  • Alternative metal,
  • Grunge,
  • Slternative rock,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock,
  • Psychedelic rock
  • Part of Me by Chris Cornell

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