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Push and Shove by No Doubt [2012] [album editions]

Push and Shove (No Doubt)

Track listing

1Settle Down
2Looking Hot
3One More Summer
4Push and Shove (ft. Busy Signal and Major Lazer)
11Dreaming the Same Dream

No Doubt albums

1Beacon Street Collection[ 1997 ]
2Everything in Time[ 2004 ]
3Go (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
4Push and Shove[ 2012 ]
5Return of Saturn[ 2000 ]
6Rock Steady[ 2001 ]
7The Singles 1992-2003[ 2003 ]
8Tragic Kingdom[ 1995 ]
1Beacon Street Collection (No Doubt)
2Everything in Time (No Doubt)
3Go (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Push and Shove (No Doubt)
5Return of Saturn (No Doubt)
6Rock Steady (No Doubt)
7The Singles 1992-2003 (No Doubt)
8Tragic Kingdom (No Doubt)

No Doubt songs

61Rock Steady [from the "Rock Steady"]05:20
62Rock Steady (Intro) [from the "Rock Steady"]00:26
63Running [from the "Rock Steady"]04:00
64Running [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]04:00
65Sailin` on [from the "Everything in Time"]03:35
66Settle Down [from the "Push and Shove"]05:58
67Simple Kind of Life [from the "Return of Saturn"]04:16
68Simple Kind of Life [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]04:15
69Six Feet Under [from the "Return of Saturn"]02:28
70Sixteen [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]03:22
71Snakes [from the "Beacon Street Collection"] 
72Sparkle [from the "Push and Shove"]04:08
73Spiderwebs [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]04:28
74Spiderwebs [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]04:26
75Squeal [from the "Beacon Street Collection"] 
76Start the Fire [from the "Rock Steady"]04:07
77Starting Problem [from the "Return of Saturn"]02:43
78Stricken [from the "Beacon Street Collection"] 
79Sunday Morning [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]04:33
80Sunday Morning [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]04:31
81Suspension Without Suspense [from the "Return of Saturn"]04:10
82That's Just Me [from the "Beacon Street Collection"] 
83The Climb [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]06:38
84Too late [from the "Return of Saturn"]04:16
85Total Hate 95 [from the "Beacon Street Collection"]03:15
86Tragic Kingdom [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]05:30
87Trapped in a Box [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]03:23
88Under Construction [from the "Everything in Time"]03:12
89Undercover [from the "Push and Shove"]03:31
90Underneath It All (ft. Lady Saw) [from the "Rock Steady"]05:02
91Underneath It All (ft. Lady Saw) [from the "The Singles 1992-2003"]05:02
92Undone [from the "Push and Shove"]04:36
93Waiting Room [from the "Rock Steady"]04:26
94World Go Round [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]04:09
95You Can Do It [from the "Tragic Kingdom"]04:14
96You`re So Foxy [from the "Everything in Time"]03:40

No Doubt - top artists list [#484]

No Doubt

No Doubt is an American rock band from Anaheim, California, formed in 1986. []


  • Ska punk,
  • Reggae fusion,
  • Punk rock,
  • Ppop punk,
  • New wave,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Pop rock
  • Settle Down - one of the best No Doubt songs, top songs list [#1003]

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