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Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun [2009] [album editions]

Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun)

Track listing

1Standing on the Shore
2Walking on a Dream
3Half Mast
4We Are the People
5Delta Bay
7The World
8Swordfish Hotkiss Night
9Tiger By My Side
10Without You
12Romance to Me
13Walking on a Dream (Sam La More 12" Remix)
14Standing on the Shore (Losers Remix)
15We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix)
16Without You (New Version)
17Swordfish Hotkiss Night (Eron Mezza Remix)
18Standing on the Shore (Hey Today! Remix)
19Walking on a Dream (Ben Watt Remix)
20We Are the People (Shazam Remix)

Empire of the Sun albums

1Ice on the Dune[ 2013 ]
2Walking on a Dream[ 2009 ]
1Ice on the Dune (Empire of the Sun)
2Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun)

Empire of the Sun songs

1Alive [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:24
2Awakening [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:45
3Breakdown [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:40
4Celebrate [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:19
5Concert Pitch [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:40
6Country [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:04
7Delta Bay [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:12
8Disarm [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:51
9DNA [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:54
10Etude [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:27
11Girl [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:52
12Half Mast [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:54
13Ice on the Dune [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:25
14I'll Be Around [from the "Ice on the Dune"]04:30
15Keep a Watch [from the "Ice on the Dune"]04:28
16Lux [from the "Ice on the Dune"]01:26
17Old Favours [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:54
18Romance to Me [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:25
19Standing on the Shore [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:23
20Standing on the Shore (Hey Today! Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:47
21Standing on the Shore (Losers Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]06:36
22Surround Sound [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:17
23Swordfish Hotkiss Night [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:56
24Swordfish Hotkiss Night (Eron Mezza Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:23
25The World [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:36
26Tiger By My Side [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:46
27Walking on a Dream [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:16
28Walking on a Dream (Ben Watt Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]07:27
29Walking on a Dream (Sam La More 12" Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]07:52
30We Are the People [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:27
31We Are the People (Shazam Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:42
32We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]08:18
33Without You [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:00
34Without You (New Version) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:31

Empire of the Sun - top artists list [#165]

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, formed in 2008.

Their award-winning, 2008 debut album Walking on a Dream shot the duo to international success and to date has been certified double platinum in Australia and gold in United States. []


  • Electronic,
  • Synthpop,
  • Electronic rock,
  • New wave,
  • Dance
  • Walking on a Dream - one of the best Empire of the Sun songs, top songs list [#242]

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