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Florida by Diplo [2004] [album editions]

Florida (Diplo)

Track listing

2Big Lost
4Into the Sun (ft. Martina Topley-Bird)
5Way More
6Money Power Respect
7Diplo Rhythm (ft. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel, and Pantera Os Danadinhos)
9Indian Thick Jawns (ft. P.E.A.C.E.)
10Summer's Gonna Hurt You
11It's All Part of a Bigger Plan

Diplo albums

1Decent Work for Decent Pay[ 2009 ]
2Florida[ 2004 ]
3Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture[ 2012 ]
1Decent Work for Decent Pay (Diplo)
2Florida (Diplo)
3Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture (Various artists)

Diplo songs

1200 [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]02:25
2Big Lost [from the "Florida"]04:39
3Diplo Rhythm (ft. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel, and Pantera Os Danadinhos) [from the "Florida"]04:53
4Florida [from the "Florida"]01:36
5Harder Better Faster Stronger (Diplo Work Is Never Over Remix) [Daft Punk] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:46
6Heater (Diplo Extended Edit) [Samim] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]04:31
7Indian Thick Jawns (ft. P.E.A.C.E.) [from the "Florida"]03:56
8Into the Sun (ft. Martina Topley-Bird) [from the "Florida"]05:53
9It's All Part of a Bigger Plan [from the "Florida"]01:46
10Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above (Diplo Remix) [CSS] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]04:16
11Money Power Respect [from the "Florida"]03:51
12Newsflash (ft. Sandra Melody) [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:03
13Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix) (ft. Bun B and Rich Boy) [M.I.A.] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:24
14Put That Pussy on Me (Diplo Tonite Remix) [Spank Rock] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:43
15Reload It [Kano] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:47
16Sarah [from the "Florida"]05:26
17Shake a Fist (Diplo Remix) [Hot Chip] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]04:05
18Smash a Kangaroo [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:27
19Solta o Frango [Bonde do Rolк] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]02:16
20Summer's Gonna Hurt You [from the "Florida"]08:42
21The Whistlerz (Diplo Remix) [Claude Vonstroke] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]04:17
22U Don't Like Me (Datsik Remix) - Diplo (ft. Lil Jon) [from the "Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture"]04:43
23Veni Vidi Vici (Diplo Remix) [Black Lips] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:42
24Way More [from the "Florida"]05:56
25Way More Brazil [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]03:20
26Where is Home? (Diplo Remix) [Bloc Party] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]06:26
27Works [from the "Florida"]08:53
28Young Folks (Diplo Youngest Folks Remix) [Peter Bjorn and John] [from the "Decent Work for Decent Pay"]06:08



Thomas Wesley Pentz better known by his stage name Diplo, is a Los Angeles-based American DJ, music producer, rapper, and songwriter.


  • Moombahton,
  • Hip hop,
  • Trap,
  • Dancehall,
  • Reggae fusion,
  • Electro house
  • Florida by Diplo

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