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The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) by Macklemore [2012] [album editions]

The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) (Macklemore)

Track listing

1Ten Thousand Hours
2Can't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton)
3Thrift Shop (ft. Wanz)
4Thin Line (ft. Buffalo Madonna)
5Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
6Make The Money
7Neon Cathedral (ft. Allen Stone)
8Bombom (ft. The Teaching)
9White Walls (ft. Schoolboy Q, Hollis)
10Jimmy Iovine (ft. Ab - Soul)
12A Wake (ft. Evan Roman)
13Gold (ft. Eighty4 Fly)
14Starting Over (ft. Ben Bridwell Of Band Of Horses)
15Cowboy Boots

Macklemore albums

1The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)[ 2012 ]
2The Language of My World[ 2005 ]
1The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) (Macklemore)
2The Language of My World (Macklemore)

Macklemore songs

1A Wake (ft. Evan Roman) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]03:46
2As Soon As I Wake Up (ft. Xperience) [from the "The Language of My World"]03:46
3B Boy [from the "The Language of My World"]02:46
4Bombom (ft. The Teaching) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:55
5Bush Song [from the "The Language of My World"]02:51
6Can't Hold Us (ft. Ray Dalton) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:18
7City Don't Sleep (ft. Paul Rivers Bailey) [from the "The Language of My World"]03:30
8Claiming the City (ft. Abyssinian Creole) [from the "The Language of My World"]04:28
9Contradiction (ft. Evan Roman) [from the "The Language of My World"]04:28
10Cowboy Boots [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:16
11Ego [from the "The Language of My World"]02:49
12Fake Id [from the "The Language of My World"]02:33
13Gold (ft. Eighty4 Fly) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:11
14Good for You (ft. Xperience) [from the "The Language of My World"]04:01
15Hold Your Head Up (ft. Xperience) [from the "The Language of My World"]04:23
16I Said Hey [from the "The Language of My World"]04:44
17Inhale Deep [from the "The Language of My World"]02:49
18Intro [from the "The Language of My World"]00:50
19Jimmy Iovine (ft. Ab - Soul) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]03:53
20Love Song (ft. Evan Roman) [from the "The Language of My World"]04:23
21Make The Money [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]03:44
22My Language [from the "The Language of My World"]03:57
23Neon Cathedral (ft. Allen Stone) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:34
24Penis Song [from the "The Language of My World"]03:33
25Remember High School [from the "The Language of My World"]04:08
26Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]05:18
27Soldiers [from the "The Language of My World"]04:47
28Starting Over (ft. Ben Bridwell Of Band Of Horses) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:11
29Ten Thousand Hours [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:09
30The Magic [from the "The Language of My World"]04:22
31Thin Line (ft. Buffalo Madonna) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:16
32Thrift Shop (ft. Wanz) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]03:55
33White Privilege [from the "The Language of My World"]04:21
34White Walls (ft. Schoolboy Q, Hollis) [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]03:40
35Wings [from the "The Heist (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)"]04:58

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Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore and formerly Professor Macklemore, is an American rapper. []


  • Hip hop
  • Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert) - one of the best Macklemore songs, top songs list [#723]

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