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Mo Money Mo Condoms by Yung Berg [2011]

Mo Money Mo Condoms (Yung Berg)

Track listing

1 Chasing Money
2Out My Way (ft, Jordan Hollywood & Cartoon)
3Derrick Rose (ft. Marvo)
4Swagged Out
5Gotta Luv It
6Hoes With Me
7I Go Hard
8Shirt Off (ft. Cartoon)
9She Loves Me
102 Many
11Mo Condoms
12Found Her
13Burning Bridges (ft. Sammie)
15Reverse Psychology (ft. Sincere)
17Only One (ft. Ball Greezy)
18Drop It (ft. Ray J)
19Love Dont Live Here
20Wasting Time (ft. Trell)

Yung Berg albums

1Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady[ 2007 ]
2Look What You Made Me[ 2008 ]
3Mo Money Mo Condoms[ 2011 ]
4Reality Check[ 2011 ]
1Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady (Yung Berg)
2Look What You Made Me (Yung Berg)
3Mo Money Mo Condoms (Yung Berg)
4Reality Check (Yung Berg)

Yung Berg songs

1 Chasing Money [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:47
22 Many [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:58
3All Over The World (ft. Lil B The Based God) [from the "Reality Check"]04:29
4Almost Famous (ft. Ms. Monet) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]04:00
5Burning Bridges (ft. Sammie) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:17
6Derrick Rose (ft. Marvo) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]04:14
7Do That There (ft. Dude 'n Nem) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:50
8Dont Stop (ft. Tiffany & J-Doe) [from the "Reality Check"]03:02
9Drop It (ft. Ray J) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:25
10Found Her [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:59
11Get Your Number (ft.g Amerie) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]04:48
12Gotta Luv It [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:28
13Had It All (ft. Mia Rey) [from the "Reality Check"]03:00
14Heart Of The City (ft. Mia Rey) [from the "Reality Check"]03:51
15Hello [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:56
16Hoes With Me [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:55
17I Go Hard [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:41
18If You Only Knew (ft.g Casha) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]04:11
19Interlude [from the "Look What You Made Me"]01:12
20Interlude 2 [from the "Look What You Made Me"]01:55
21Into It (ft. JFK and Tony Loco) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]03:50
22Intro [from the "Look What You Made Me"]02:06
23Look What You Made Me (ft. K-Young) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]04:20
24Love Dont Live Here [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:38
25Magical [from the "Reality Check"]05:28
26Manager (ft. Lloyd) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:55
27Mo Condoms [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:10
28My Reality (ft. Gangsta Boo) [from the "Reality Check"]03:58
29One Night (ft. Trey Songz) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:41
30Only One (ft. Ball Greezy) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:51
31Out My Way (ft, Jordan Hollywood & Cartoon) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]04:39
32Outerspace [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:49
33Painkiller (with Nikki Flores) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]03:28
34Real Life [from the "Reality Check"]04:20
35Reverse Psychology (ft. Sincere) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]04:03
36Sexy Can I (with Ray J) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:25
37Sexy Lady (ft. Junior) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]03:48
38Sexy Lady (ft. Junior) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]03:50
39Sexy Lady (Remix) (ft. Jim Jones and Rich Boy) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]04:45
40She Loves Me [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]02:47
41Shirt Off (ft. Cartoon) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:55
42Shoulda Coulda Woulda (ft. Mikkey Halsted) [from the "Reality Check"]05:16
43Swagged Out [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:22
44The Business (ft. Casha) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]04:13
45Threesome [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:41
46Victory Lap (ft. Eve & Collie Buddz) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]10:44
47Wasting Time (ft. Trell) [from the "Mo Money Mo Condoms"]03:44
48Where Do We Go (ft. Twista) [from the "Look What You Made Me"]04:48
49Where Do We Go (ft. Twista) [from the "Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady"]05:01
50Wwpd (ft. Tupac Shakur) [from the "Reality Check"]05:37
51Yfm (ft. Mia Rey) [from the "Reality Check"]03:53
52Young Nigga Mistakes (ft. Young Chu) [from the "Reality Check"]03:22

Yung Berg

Yung Berg

Christian Ward, better known by his stage name Yung Berg, is an American rapper.


  • Hip hop
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