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Winger by Winger [1988] [album editions]

Winger (Winger)

Track listing

4Without the Night
5Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix cover)
6State of Emergency
7Time To Surrender
8Poison Angel
9Hangin' On
10Headed for a Heartbreak
11Higher & Higher

Winger albums

1In the Heart of the Young[ 1990 ]
2IV[ 2006 ]
3Karma[ 2009 ]
4Pull[ 1993 ]
5Winger[ 1988 ]
1In the Heart of the Young (Winger)
2IV (Winger)
3Karma (Winger)
4Pull (Winger)
5Winger (Winger)

Winger songs

1After All These Years [from the "Karma"]06:23
2Always Within Me [from the "Karma"]06:17
3Baptized By Fire [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:11
4Big World Away [from the "Karma"]03:50
5Blind Revolution Mad [from the "Pull"]05:26
6Blue Suede Shoes [from the "IV"]03:46
7Can't Get Enuff [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:19
8Can't Take It Back [from the "IV"]04:05
9Come a Little Closer [from the "Karma"]02:50
10Deal With the Devil [from the "Karma"]02:59
11Disappear [from the "IV"]03:50
12Down Incognito [from the "Pull"]03:48
13Easy Come Easy Go [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:03
14Feeding Frenzy [from the "Karma"]03:00
15First Ending (instrumental) (Morgenstein) [from the "Karma"]02:04
16Four Leaf Clover [from the "IV"]04:18
17Generica [from the "IV"]06:33
18Hangin' On [from the "Winger"]03:35
19Headed for a Heartbreak [from the "Winger"]05:15
20Higher & Higher [from the "Winger"]03:18
21Hungry [from the "Winger"]04:01
22In for the Kill [from the "Pull"]04:13
23In My Veins [from the "Pull"]03:14
24In The Day We'll Never See [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:49
25In The Heart of the Young [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:36
26Junkyard Dog (Tears on Stone) [from the "Pull"]06:55
27Like a Ritual [from the "Pull"]05:02
28Little Dirty Blonde [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]03:31
29Living Just To Die [from the "IV"]03:40
30Loosen Up [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]03:29
31M16 [from the "IV"]03:57
32Madalaine [from the "Winger"]03:47
33Miles Away [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:11
34No Man's Land [from the "Pull"]03:17
35On A Day Like Today [from the "IV"]06:24
36Poison Angel [from the "Winger"]03:24
37Pull Me Under [from the "Karma"]04:15
38Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix cover) [from the "Winger"]03:39
39Rainbow in the Rose [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]05:34
40Right Up Ahead [from the "IV"]05:07
41Seventeen [from the "Winger"]04:12
42Short Flight To Mexico [from the "IV"]04:18
43Spell I'm Under [from the "Pull"]03:56
44State of Emergency [from the "Winger"]03:37
45Stone Cold Killer [from the "Karma"]02:45
46Supernova [from the "Karma"]03:20
47The Lucky One [from the "Pull"]05:20
48Time To Surrender [from the "Winger"]04:11
49Under One Condition [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]04:27
50Who's the One [from the "Pull"]05:46
51Without the Night [from the "Winger"]05:04
52Witness [from the "Karma"]07:14
53You Are the Saint, I Am the Sinner [from the "In the Heart of the Young"]03:35
54Your Great Escape [from the "IV"]03:55

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Winger is an American hard rock band formed in New York City that gained popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The band broke up in 1994, but reunited in 2001 for several successful tours. []


  • Glam metal,
  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Madalaine by Winger

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