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Venni Vetti Vecci by Ja Rule [1999] [album editions]

Venni Vetti Vecci (Ja Rule)

Track listing

1The March Prelude
2We Here Now
3World's Most Dangerous (ft. Nemesis)
4Let's Ride
5Holla Holla
6Kill 'Em All (ft. Jay-Z)
7I Hate Nigguz (Skit)
8Nigguz Theme
9Suicide Freestyle (ft. Case)
10Story To Tell
11Chris Black (Skit)
12Count On Your Nigga
13It's Murda (ft. DMX & Jay-Z)
14E-Dub (ft. Erick Sermon)
15187 Murda Baptiss Church (Skit)
16Murda 4 Life (ft. Memphis Bleek)
17Daddy's Little Baby (ft. Ronald Isley)
18Race Against Time
19Only Begotten Son
20The Murderers (ft. Black Child & Tah Murdah)

Ja Rule albums

1Blood in My Eye[ 2003 ]
2Exodus[ 2005 ]
3Icon[ 2012 ]
4Pain Is Love[ 2003 ]
5Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)[ 2012 ]
6R.U.L.E.[ 2004 ]
7Rule 3:36[ 2000 ]
8The Last Temptation[ 2002 ]
9The Mirror[ 2007 ]
10Venni Vetti Vecci[ 1999 ]
1Blood in My Eye (Ja Rule)
2Exodus (Ja Rule)
3Icon (Ja Rule)
4Pain Is Love (Ja Rule)
5Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2) (Ja Rule)
6R.U.L.E. (Ja Rule)
7Rule 3:36 (Ja Rule)
8The Last Temptation (Ja Rule)
9The Mirror (Ja Rule)
10Venni Vetti Vecci (Ja Rule)

Ja Rule songs

61Judas [from the "The Mirror"]04:10
62Kay Slay (Skit) [from the "Blood in My Eye"]00:18
63Kill 'Em All (ft. Jay-Z) [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:17
64Ladies [from the "The Mirror"]04:50
65Last of The Mohicans (ft. Black Child) [from the "R.U.L.E."]04:24
66Last Temptation (ft. Charli Baltimore) [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:58
67Leo (Skit) [from the "Pain Is Love"]02:20
68Let's Ride [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:22
69Life Goes On (ft. Trick Daddy & Chink Santana) [from the "R.U.L.E."]04:52
70Livin' It Up (ft. Case) [from the "Pain Is Love"]04:19
71Livin' It Up (ft. Case) [from the "Exodus"]04:17
72Livin' It Up (ft. Case) [from the "Icon"]04:18
73Lost Little Girl [from the "Pain Is Love"]05:02
74Love Me Hate Me [from the "Exodus"]04:43
75Love Me, Hate Me [from the "Rule 3:36"]04:44
76Me [from the "Exodus"]04:23
77Mesmerize (ft. Ashanti) [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:38
78Mesmerize (ft. Ashanti) [from the "Exodus"]04:42
79Mesmerize (ft. Ashanti) [from the "Icon"]04:43
80Murda 4 Life (ft. Memphis Bleek) [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:48
81Murder Intro [from the "Blood in My Eye"]00:25
82Murder Me (ft. Cadillac Tah & Alexi) [from the "The Last Temptation"]05:15
83Murder Reigns (ft. Celeste Scalone) [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:02
84Never Again [from the "Pain Is Love"]04:20
85Never Again [from the "Exodus"]04:23
86Never Had Time (ft. Jon Doe) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]03:15
87Never Thought (ft. Ashanti) [from the "R.U.L.E."]04:42
88New York (ft. Fat Joe & Jadakiss) [from the "R.U.L.E."]04:18
89New York (ft. Fat Joe & Jadakiss) [from the "Exodus"]04:20
90New York (ft. Fat Joe & Jadakiss) [from the "Icon"]04:20
91Niggas And Bitches [from the "Blood in My Eye"]04:35
92Nigguz Theme [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:09
93One Of Us [from the "Rule 3:36"]05:56
94Only Begotten Son [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:55
95Pain Is Love [from the "Pain Is Love"]05:04
96Pain Is Love (Skit) [from the "Pain Is Love"]01:22
97Parachute (ft. Leah Siegel) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]03:23
98Passion [from the "R.U.L.E."]08:37
99Pop Niggas [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:29
100Pray 4 the Day (ft. Leah Siegel) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]03:12
101Put It on Me (ft. Lil' Mo & Vita) [from the "Rule 3:36"]04:22
102Put It on Me (ft. Lil' Mo & Vita) [from the "Exodus"]04:23
103Put It on Me (ft. Lil' Mo & Vita) [from the "Icon"]04:24
104R.U.L.E. [from the "R.U.L.E."]03:37
105Race Against Time [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:43
106Race Against Time II [from the "Blood in My Eye"]03:53
107Real Life Fantasy (ft. Anita Louise) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]03:38
108Remo (Skit) [from the "Blood in My Eye"]01:13
109Rock Star [from the "The Last Temptation"]04:58
110Rules of Engagement [from the "The Mirror"]02:19
111Sing a Prayer 4 Me [from the "The Mirror"]04:28
112Smokin' & Ridin' (ft. Jodie Mack & O-1) [from the "Pain Is Love"]04:53
113So Much Pain (Contains the Sample of 2Pac's 3rd Verse) [from the "Pain Is Love"]05:05
114Something New (ft. Vita) [from the "The Mirror"]04:35
115Spun a Web (ft. AminA) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]03:51
116Story To Tell [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]04:05
117Strange Days (ft. 7 Aurelius & Ramzo) [from the "Pil 2 (Pain Is Love 2)"]02:44
118Stripping Game (Skit) [from the "R.U.L.E."]01:15
119Suicide Freestyle (ft. Case) [from the "Venni Vetti Vecci"]02:16
120Sunset (ft. The Game & Stephanie) [from the "The Mirror"]03:58

Ja Rule - top artists list [#509]

Ja Rule

Jeffrey Atkins, better known by his stage name Ja Rule, is an American rapper, singer, and actor from Queens, New York City.

He began his career in the group Cash Money Click and debuted in 1999 with Venni Vetti Vecci and its single "Holla Holla".

Ja Rule is also known for some well-publicized feuds with other rappers (in-particular 50 Cent and Eminem).



  • Hip hop,
  • East coast hip hop,
  • R&B
  • Kill 'Em All (ft. Jay-Z) - one of the best Ja Rule songs, top songs list [#1105]

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