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Foxy Lady by Cher [1972] [album editions]

Foxy Lady (Cher)

Track listing

1Living In A House Divided
2I Might As Well Stay Monday (From Now On)
3Song For You
4Down, Down, Down
5Don't Try To Close a Rose
6The First Time
7Let Me Down Easy
8If I Knew Then
9Don't Hide Your Love
10Never Been to Spain

Cher albums

13614 Jackson Highway[ 1969 ]
2All I Really Want To Do[ 1965 ]
3Backstage[ 1968 ]
4Believe[ 1998 ]
5Black Rose[ 1980 ]
6Cherished[ 1977 ]
7Closer to the Truth[ 2013 ]
8Dark Lady[ 1974 ]
9Foxy Lady[ 1972 ]
10Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves[ 1971 ]
11Half-Breed[ 1973 ]
12I'd Rather Believe in You[ 1976 ]
13Living Proof[ 2001 ]
14Prisoner[ 1979 ]
15Stars[ 1975 ]
16Take Me Home[ 1979 ]
17The Sonny Side of Cher[ 1966 ]
18Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)[ 1977 ]
19With Love[ 1967 ]
13614 Jackson Highway (Cher)
2All I Really Want To Do (Cher)
3Backstage (Cher)
4Believe (Cher)
5Black Rose (Cher)
6Cherished (Cher)
7Closer to the Truth (Cher)
8Dark Lady (Cher)
9Foxy Lady (Cher)
10Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (Cher)
11Half-Breed (Cher)
12I'd Rather Believe in You (Cher)
13Living Proof (Cher)
14Prisoner (Cher)
15Stars (Cher)
16Take Me Home (Cher)
17The Sonny Side of Cher (Cher)
18Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman) (Cher)
19With Love (Cher)

Cher songs

61He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]03:31
62He Thinks I Still Care [from the "All I Really Want To Do"]02:14
63He Was Beautiful [from the "Cherished"]02:48
64He'll Never Know [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]03:27
65Hell on Wheels [from the "Prisoner"]05:25
66Hey Joe [from the "With Love"]03:28
67Holdin' Out For Love [from the "Prisoner"]04:21
68Holy Smoke [from the "Prisoner"]04:50
69How Can You Mend a Broken Heart [from the "Half-Breed"]03:24
70I Don't Have to Sleep To Dream [from the "Closer to the Truth"]04:41
71I Found You Love [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]03:49
72I Go To Sleep [from the "All I Really Want To Do"]02:29
73I Hate To Sleep Alone [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]02:28
74I Hope You Find It [from the "Closer to the Truth"]03:46
75I Know You Dont Love Me [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]02:55
76I Love Making Love To You [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]03:43
77I Might As Well Stay Monday (From Now On) [from the "Foxy Lady"]03:02
78I Saw a Man And He Danced With His Wife [from the "Dark Lady"]03:14
79I Threw it All Away [from the "3614 Jackson Highway"]02:49
80I Walk Alone [from the "Closer to the Truth"]03:23
81I Walk on Guilded Splinters [from the "3614 Jackson Highway"]02:32
82I Wasn't Ready [from the "Backstage"]03:02
83I Will Wait For You [from the "With Love"]03:18
84Id Rather Believe in You [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]03:45
85If I Knew Then [from the "Foxy Lady"]02:36
86I'm in the Middle [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]02:46
87In For The Night [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]03:25
88Island [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]04:17
89It All Adds Up Now [from the "Backstage"]03:00
90Its a Crying Shame [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]02:49
91It's Not Unusual [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]02:06
92It's Too Late To Love Me Now [from the "Take Me Home"]03:32
93Julie [from the "Black Rose"]03:38
94Just This One Time [from the "Stars"]04:44
95Just What I've Been Lookin' For [from the "Dark Lady"]02:40
96Knock on Wood [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]03:27
97LA Plane [from the "Cherished"]03:33
98Lay, Baby, Lay [from the "3614 Jackson Highway"]03:36
99Let Me Down Easy [from the "Foxy Lady"]02:32
100Let This Be a Lesson To You [from the "Take Me Home"]03:07
101Lie To Me [from the "Closer to the Truth"]03:18
102Like a Rolling Stone [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]03:53
103Living In A House Divided [from the "Foxy Lady"]02:59
104Long Distance Love Affair [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]02:43
105Look at Me [from the "With Love"]03:14
106Love and Pain [from the "Take Me Home"]03:17
107Love Enough [from the "Stars"]03:08
108Love Hurts [from the "Stars"]04:55
109Love Is A Lonely Place Without You [from the "Living Proof"]03:53
110Love Is the Groove [from the "Believe"] 
111Love Me [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]02:41
112Love One Another [from the "Living Proof"]03:44
113Love So High [from the "Living Proof"]04:32
114Love The Devil Out of Ya [from the "Cherished"]02:12
115Lovers Forever [from the "Closer to the Truth"]04:01
116Make The Man Love Me [from the "Dark Lady"]03:19
117Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies) [from the "With Love"]03:28
118Masters of War [from the "Backstage"]04:11
119Melody [from the "Half-Breed"]02:36
120Milord [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]02:35



Cher is an American singer and actress.

Cher has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, among several other honors.

She is the only artist to have a number-one single on a Billboard chart in each of the past six decades. []


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