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Saints & Sinners by All Saints [2000] [album editions]

Saints & Sinners (All Saints)

Track listing

1Pure Shores
2All Hooked Up
5Black Coffee
6Whoopin' Over You
7I Feel You
9Ha Ha
10Love Is Love
11Ready, Willing and Able
12Saints & Sinners

All Saints albums

1All Saints[ 1997 ]
2Saints & Sinners[ 2000 ]
3Studio 1[ 2006 ]
1All Saints (All Saints)
2Saints & Sinners (All Saints)
3Studio 1 (All Saints)

All Saints songs

1All Hooked Up [from the "Saints & Sinners"]03:48
2Alone [from the "All Saints"]03:34
3Beg [from the "All Saints"]04:00
4Black Coffee [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:45
5Bootie Call [from the "All Saints"]03:35
6Chick Fit [from the "Studio 1"]03:31
7Distance [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:25
8Dreams [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:25
9Flashback [from the "Studio 1"]03:00
10Fundamental [from the "Studio 1"]03:48
11Ha Ha [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:09
12Headlock [from the "Studio 1"]03:30
13Heaven [from the "All Saints"]04:48
14Hell No [from the "Studio 1"]03:40
15I Feel You [from the "Saints & Sinners"]05:35
16I Know Where It's At (Original Mix) [from the "All Saints"]05:08
17In It to Win It [from the "Studio 1"]03:39
18Lady Marmalade [from the "All Saints"]03:53
19Let's Get Started [from the "All Saints"]04:16
20Love Is Love [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:06
21Never Ever [from the "All Saints"]06:27
22Never Ever (Nice Hat Mix) [from the "All Saints"]04:36
23Not Eazy [from the "Studio 1"]03:17
24On and On [from the "Studio 1"]03:57
25One Me and U [from the "Studio 1"]03:34
26Pure Shores [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:28
27Ready, Willing and Able [from the "Saints & Sinners"]03:36
28Rock Steady [from the "Studio 1"]02:48
29Saints & Sinners [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:15
30Scar [from the "Studio 1"]03:49
31Surrender [from the "Saints & Sinners"]05:10
32Take the Key [from the "All Saints"]04:12
33Too Nasty [from the "Studio 1"]03:54
34Trapped [from the "All Saints"]04:55
35Under the Bridge [from the "All Saints"]05:00
36War of Nerves [from the "All Saints"]05:09
37Whoopin' Over You [from the "Saints & Sinners"]04:04

All Saints

All Saints

All Saints were an English/Canadian girl group founded in 1993 as All Saints


  • Pop,
  • R&B,
  • Dance
  • Pure Shores by All Saints

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