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The Only Place by Best Coast [2012] [album editions]

The Only Place (Best Coast)

Track listing

1The Only Place
2Why I Cry
3Last Year
4My Life
5No One Like You
6How They Want Me To Be
7Better Girl
8Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To
9Dreaming My Life Away
10Let's Go Home
11Up All Night

Best Coast albums

1Crazy for You[ 2010 ]
2The Only Place[ 2012 ]
3Where the Boys Are[ 2009 ]
1Crazy for You (Best Coast)
2The Only Place (Best Coast)
3Where the Boys Are (Best Coast)

Best Coast songs

1Angsty [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:49
2Better Girl [from the "The Only Place"]02:53
3Boy [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:53
4Boyfriend [from the "Crazy for You"]02:29
5Bratty B [from the "Crazy for You"]01:43
6Crazy for You [from the "Crazy for You"]01:50
7Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To [from the "The Only Place"]03:15
8Dreaming My Life Away [from the "The Only Place"]03:21
9Each And Every Day [from the "Crazy for You"]02:52
10Gloomy [from the "Where the Boys Are"]04:02
11Goodbye [from the "Crazy for You"]02:40
12Happy [from the "Crazy for You"]01:44
13Honey [from the "Crazy for You"]03:01
14How They Want Me To Be [from the "The Only Place"]03:52
15I Want To [from the "Crazy for You"]02:45
16Last Year [from the "The Only Place"]03:33
17Let's Go Home [from the "The Only Place"]02:34
18Moody [from the "Where the Boys Are"]01:58
19My Life [from the "The Only Place"]02:11
20No One Like You [from the "The Only Place"]03:01
21Our Deal [from the "Crazy for You"]02:08
22Space Baby [from the "Where the Boys Are"]02:19
23Summer Mood [from the "Crazy for You"]02:25
24The End [from the "Crazy for You"]02:42
25The Only Place [from the "The Only Place"]02:42
26Up All Night [from the "The Only Place"]04:37
27When I'm With You [from the "Crazy for You"]02:58
28When The Sun Don't Shine [from the "Crazy for You"]02:16
29Why I Cry [from the "The Only Place"]02:19

Best Coast - top artists list [#234]

Best Coast

Best Coast is an American indie rock band based in Los Angeles, California.

The band is recognizable for their fuzzy, low-fidelity sound in the vein of surf rock.


  • Indie pop,
  • Garage pop,
  • Surf pop
  • The Only Place - one of the best Best Coast songs, top songs list [#908]

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