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Black Rose by Cher [1980] [album editions]

Black Rose (Cher)

Track listing

1Never Should've Started
3Take It from the Boys
4We All Fly Home
588 Degrees
6You Know It
7Young and Pretty
8Fast Company

Cher albums

13614 Jackson Highway[ 1969 ]
2All I Really Want To Do[ 1965 ]
3Backstage[ 1968 ]
4Believe[ 1998 ]
5Black Rose[ 1980 ]
6Cherished[ 1977 ]
7Closer to the Truth[ 2013 ]
8Dark Lady[ 1974 ]
9Foxy Lady[ 1972 ]
10Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves[ 1971 ]
11Half-Breed[ 1973 ]
12I'd Rather Believe in You[ 1976 ]
13Living Proof[ 2001 ]
14Prisoner[ 1979 ]
15Stars[ 1975 ]
16Take Me Home[ 1979 ]
17The Sonny Side of Cher[ 1966 ]
18Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)[ 1977 ]
19With Love[ 1967 ]
13614 Jackson Highway (Cher)
2All I Really Want To Do (Cher)
3Backstage (Cher)
4Believe (Cher)
5Black Rose (Cher)
6Cherished (Cher)
7Closer to the Truth (Cher)
8Dark Lady (Cher)
9Foxy Lady (Cher)
10Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (Cher)
11Half-Breed (Cher)
12I'd Rather Believe in You (Cher)
13Living Proof (Cher)
14Prisoner (Cher)
15Stars (Cher)
16Take Me Home (Cher)
17The Sonny Side of Cher (Cher)
18Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman) (Cher)
19With Love (Cher)

Cher songs

121Mirror Image [from the "Prisoner"]04:47
122Miss Subway of 1952 [from the "Dark Lady"]02:17
123Move Me [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]02:52
124Mr Soul [from the "Stars"]03:02
125My Love [from the "Closer to the Truth"]03:31
126My Love [from the "Half-Breed"]03:36
127My Song (Too Far Gone) [from the "Take Me Home"]03:49
128Needles And Pins [from the "All I Really Want To Do"]02:38
129Never Been to Spain [from the "Foxy Lady"]03:25
130Never Should've Started [from the "Black Rose"]04:20
131Ol' Man River [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]02:47
132One By One (Junior Vasquez Vocal Edit) [from the "Living Proof"]04:25
133One Honest Man [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]02:24
134Our Day Will Come [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]02:12
135Outrageous [from the "Prisoner"]03:06
136Pirate [from the "Cherished"]03:04
137Please Don't Tell Me [from the "3614 Jackson Highway"]03:36
138Pride [from the "Closer to the Truth"]04:17
139Prisoner [from the "Prisoner"]05:43
140Rain, Rain [from the "Living Proof"]03:44
141Real Love [from the "Living Proof"]03:55
142Reason to Believe [from the "Backstage"]02:30
143Red [from the "Closer to the Truth"]03:06
144Rescue Me [from the "Dark Lady"]02:24
145Rock and Roll Doctor [from the "Stars"]03:08
146Runaway [from the "Believe"] 
147Save the Children [from the "3614 Jackson Highway"]02:54
148Say the Word [from the "Take Me Home"]04:53
149Se See Blues (C.C. Rider) [from the "All I Really Want To Do"]02:39
150Send The Man Over [from the "Cherished"]03:44
151Shadow Dream Song [from the "Two the Hard Way (with Gregg Allman)"]03:38
152She Loves to Hear the Music [from the "Cherished"]03:06
153Shoppin' [from the "Prisoner"]04:23
154Silver Wings and Golden Rings [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]03:20
155Sing For Your Supper [from the "With Love"]02:36
156Sirens [from the "Closer to the Truth"]05:03
157Song Called Children [from the "Backstage"]03:41
158Song For You [from the "Foxy Lady"]03:18
159Spring [from the "I'd Rather Believe in You"]04:21
160Stars [from the "Stars"]05:10
161Strong Enough [from the "Believe"]03:43
162Take It from the Boys [from the "Black Rose"]05:05
163Take It Like a Man [from the "Closer to the Truth"]04:10
164Take Me For a Little While [from the "Backstage"]02:43
165Take Me Home [from the "Take Me Home"]06:34
166Takin' Back My Heart [from the "Believe"] 
167Taxi Taxi [from the "Believe"] 
168The Bells Of Ryymney [from the "All I Really Want To Do"]03:06
169The Click Song [from the "Backstage"]02:57
170The First Time [from the "Foxy Lady"]03:13
171The Girl From Ipanema [from the "The Sonny Side of Cher"]02:11
172The Greatest Song I Ever Heard [from the "Half-Breed"]02:50
173The Harder They Come The Harder They Fall [from the "Stars"]03:27
174The Impossible Dream [from the "Backstage"]02:30
175The Long and Winding Road [from the "Half-Breed"]03:14
176The Look [from the "Living Proof"]04:24
177The Music's No Good Without You [from the "Living Proof"]04:43
178The Power [from the "Believe"] 
179The Times They Are A-Changin [from the "With Love"]03:10
180The Way of Love [from the "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"]02:33



Cher is an American singer and actress.

Cher has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, among several other honors.

She is the only artist to have a number-one single on a Billboard chart in each of the past six decades. []


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