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Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend [2013] [album editions]

Modern Vampires of the City (Vampire Weekend)

Track listing

1Obvious Bicycle
4Diane Young
5Don't Lie
6Hanna Hunt
7Everlasting Arms
8Finger Back
9Worship You
10Ya Hey
12Young Lion
13Ya Hey (Paranoid Styles Mix)
14Unbelievers (Seeburg Drum Machine Mix)

Vampire Weekend albums

1Contra[ 2010 ]
2Mansard Roof[ 2007 ]
3Modern Vampires of the City[ 2013 ]
4Oxford Comma[ 2008 ]
5Vampire Weekend[ 2008 ]
1Contra (Vampire Weekend)
2Mansard Roof (Vampire Weekend)
3Modern Vampires of the City (Vampire Weekend)
4Oxford Comma (Vampire Weekend)
5Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend)

Vampire Weekend songs

1A Punk [from the "Vampire Weekend"]02:16
2Bryn [from the "Vampire Weekend"]02:10
3California English [from the "Contra"]02:29
4Campus [from the "Vampire Weekend"]02:53
5Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa [from the "Vampire Weekend"]03:32
6Cousins [from the "Contra"]02:25
7Diane Young [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]02:40
8Diplomat's Son [from the "Contra"]05:57
9Don't Lie [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:33
10Everlasting Arms [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:05
11Finger Back [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:26
12Giant [from the "Contra"]02:47
13Giving Up the Gun [from the "Contra"]04:45
14Hanna Hunt [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:56
15Holiday [from the "Contra"]02:18
16Horchata [from the "Contra"]03:26
17Hudson [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]04:14
18I Stand Corrected [from the "Vampire Weekend"]02:37
19I Think Ur A Contra [from the "Contra"]04:20
20Ladies Of Cambridge [from the "Mansard Roof"]02:37
21M79 [from the "Vampire Weekend"]04:09
22Mansard Roof [from the "Mansard Roof"]02:05
23Mansard Roof [from the "Vampire Weekend"]02:05
24Obvious Bicycle [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]04:13
25One (Blake's Got A New Face) [from the "Vampire Weekend"]03:10
26Oxford Comma [from the "Oxford Comma"]03:13
27Oxford Comma [from the "Vampire Weekend"]03:13
28Run [from the "Contra"]03:51
29Step [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]04:11
30Taxi Cab [from the "Contra"]03:55
31The Kids Don't Stand A Chance [from the "Vampire Weekend"]04:01
32Unbelievers [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:22
33Unbelievers (Seeburg Drum Machine Mix) [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:24
34Walcot (Insane Mix) [from the "Oxford Comma"]03:56
35Walcott [from the "Vampire Weekend"]03:38
36White Sky [from the "Contra"]02:58
37Worship You [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:21
38Ya Hey [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]05:12
39Ya Hey (Paranoid Styles Mix) [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]03:51
40Young Lion [from the "Modern Vampires of the City"]01:45

Vampire Weekend - top artists list [#142]

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is an American indie rock band from New York City, formed in 2006. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie pop,
  • Baroque pop,
  • Afrobeat
  • Step - one of the best Vampire Weekend songs, top songs list [#549]

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