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Da Bomb by Kris Kross [1993] [album editions]

Da Bomb (Kris Kross)

Track listing

2Da Bomb
3Sound Of My Hood
4It Don't Stop (Hip Hop Classic)
5D.J. Nabs Break
7I'm Real
82 Da Beat Ch'Yall
9Freak Da Funk
10Alot 2 Live 4
11Take Um Out
12Alright (Extended Remix)

Kris Kross albums

1Da Bomb[ 1993 ]
2Totally Krossed Out[ 1992 ]
3Young, Rich & Dangerous[ 1996 ]
1Da Bomb (Kris Kross)
2Totally Krossed Out (Kris Kross)
3Young, Rich & Dangerous (Kris Kross)

Kris Kross songs

12 Da Beat Ch'Yall [from the "Da Bomb"]03:41
2A Real Bad Dream [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]01:58
3Alot 2 Live 4 [from the "Da Bomb"]02:14
4Alright [from the "Da Bomb"]04:03
5Alright (Extended Remix) [from the "Da Bomb"]06:01
6Can't Stop The Bum Rush [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]02:57
7D.J. Nabs Break [from the "Da Bomb"]01:41
8Da Bomb [from the "Da Bomb"]04:10
9Da Streets Ain't Right [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:00
10Freak Da Funk [from the "Da Bomb"]02:59
11Hey Sexy [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:40
12I Missed The Bus [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]02:59
13I'm Real [from the "Da Bomb"]03:14
14Interview [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]00:40
15Intro [from the "Da Bomb"]00:19
16Intro Interview [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]00:51
17It Don't Stop (Hip Hop Classic) [from the "Da Bomb"]02:56
18It's A Group Thang [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]00:51
19It's A Shame [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]03:48
20Jump [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]03:17
21Jump (extended mix) [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]05:10
22Lil' Boys In Da Hood [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]03:05
23Live And Die For Hip Hop [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:44
24Mackin' Ain't Easy [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]02:58
25Money, Power And Fame [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:48
26Outro [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]00:43
27Party [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]04:03
28Party (krossed mix) [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]04:11
29Some Cut Up [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]01:46
30Sound Of My Hood [from the "Da Bomb"]02:40
31Take Um Out [from the "Da Bomb"]04:35
32The Way Of Ryme [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]02:59
33Tonite's Tha Night [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:16
34Tonite's Tha Night (Remix) [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:41
35Warm It Up [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]04:09
36We're In Da House [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]00:39
37When The Homies Show Up [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]01:31
38You Can't Get With This [from the "Totally Krossed Out"]02:24
39Young, Rich & Dangerous [from the "Young, Rich & Dangerous"]03:50

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Kris Kross

Kris Kross was an American rap duo of the 1990s comprising Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith.

The duo are best known for their hit 1992 song "Jump", which was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks and was certified double platinum as a single.


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