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From Here to Now to You by Jack Johnson [2013] [album editions]

From Here to Now to You (Jack Johnson)

Track listing

1I Got You
2Washing Dishes
3Shot Reverse Shot
4Never Fade
5Tape Deck
6Don't Believe A Thing I Say
7As I Was Saying
8You Remind Me Of You
10Ones And Zeros

Jack Johnson albums

1Brushfire Fairytales[ 2002 ]
2From Here to Now to You[ 2013 ]
3In Between Dreams[ 2005 ]
4On and On[ 2003 ]
5Sleep Through The Static[ 2008 ]
6Thicker Than Water[ 2003 ]
1Brushfire Fairytales (Jack Johnson)
2From Here to Now to You (Jack Johnson)
3In Between Dreams (Jack Johnson)
4On and On (Jack Johnson)
5Sleep Through The Static (Jack Johnson)
6Thicker Than Water (Jack Johnson)

Jack Johnson songs

1Adrift [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]03:56
2All At Once [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]00:01
3Angel [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]02:03
4As I Was Saying [from the "From Here to Now to You"]03:45
5Banana Pancakes [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:11
6Belle [from the "In Between Dreams"]01:43
7Better Together [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:27
8Breakdown [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:32
9Bubble Toes [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:56
10Change [from the "From Here to Now to You"]03:14
11Cocoon [from the "On and On"]04:10
12Constellations [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:21
13Cookie Jar [from the "On and On"]02:57
14Crying Shame [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:06
15Cupid [from the "On and On"]01:05
16Dark Water & Stars [from the "Thicker Than Water"]04:59
17Do You Remember [from the "In Between Dreams"]02:24
18Don't Believe A Thing I Say [from the "From Here to Now to You"]03:14
19Dreams Be Dreams [from the "On and On"]02:12
20Drink the Water [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:21
21Enemy [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]03:48
22Even After All [from the "Thicker Than Water"]03:54
23Fall Line [from the "On and On"]01:35
24Flake [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]04:40
25Fortunate Fools [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:48
26F-Stop Blues [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:10
27Go On [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]04:34
28Gone [from the "On and On"]02:10
29Good People [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:28
30Hobo Blues [from the "Thicker Than Water"]02:44
31Holes To Heaven [from the "On and On"]02:54
32Holes To Heaven [from the "Thicker Than Water"]02:49
33Home [from the "From Here to Now to You"]03:02
34Honor And Harmony [from the "Thicker Than Water"]03:36
35Hope [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]03:43
36I Got You [from the "From Here to Now to You"]02:59
37If I Could [from the "In Between Dreams"]02:25
38If I Had Eyes [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]03:59
39Inaudible Melodies [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:35
40It's All Understood [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]05:28
41Liver Splash [from the "Thicker Than Water"]02:38
42Losing Hope [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:52
43Losing Keys [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]04:28
44Mediocre Bad Guys [from the "On and On"]03:00
45Middle Man [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:14
46Monsoon [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]04:16
47Moonshine [from the "Thicker Than Water"]02:00
48Mudfootball (For Moe Lerner) [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:03
49My Guru [from the "Thicker Than Water"]04:10
50Never Fade [from the "From Here to Now to You"]04:02
51Never Know [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:32
52No Other Way [from the "In Between Dreams"]03:09
53Ones And Zeros [from the "From Here to Now to You"]04:27
54Posters [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]03:13
55Radiate [from the "From Here to Now to You"]04:15
56Rainbow [from the "Thicker Than Water"]03:23
57Relate To Me [from the "Thicker Than Water"]01:34
58Rodeo Clowns [from the "On and On"]02:38
59Same Girl [from the "Sleep Through The Static"]02:12
60Sexy Plexi [from the "Brushfire Fairytales"]02:07

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack Hody Johnson (born May 18, 1975) is a Hawaii resident, singer-songwriter, musician, filmmaker and surfer known for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. []


  • Acoustic,
  • Soft rock,
  • Pop rock
  • I Got You by Jack Johnson

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