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Lace Up by MGK [2012] [album editions]

Lace Up (MGK)

Track listing

1Save Me (ft. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates)
2What I Do (ft. Bun B and Dubo)
3Wild Boy (ft. Waka Flocka Flame)
4Lace Up (ft. Lil Jon)
5Stereo (ft. Alex Fitts)
6All We Have (ft. Anna Yvette)
7See My Tears
8D3MONS (ft. DMX)
9Edge of Destruction (ft. Tech N9ne and Twista)
10Runnin’ (ft. Planet VI)
11Invincible (ft. Ester Dean)
12On My Way
13End of the Road (ft. Blackbear)
14Half Naked & Almost Famous
15La La La (the Floating Song)
16Hold On (Shut Up) (ft. Young Jeezy)
17Warning Shot (ft. Cassie)

MGK albums

1100 Words and Running[ 2010 ]
2Black Flag[ 2013 ]
3Half Naked & Almost Famous[ 2012 ]
4Lace Up[ 2012 ]
1100 Words and Running (MGK)
2Black Flag (MGK)
3Half Naked & Almost Famous (MGK)
4Lace Up (MGK)

MGK songs

1100 Words and Running [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:57
2107.9 FM radio Freestyle [from the "100 Words and Running"]01:43
350 (Interlude) (ft. French Montana) [from the "Black Flag"]03:27
4A Million and One Answers [from the "100 Words and Running"]03:36
5All We Have (ft. Anna Yvette) [from the "Lace Up"]03:27
6Baddest [from the "Black Flag"]03:29
7Black Tuxedo (ft. Tezo) [from the "Black Flag"]02:32
8Breaking News [from the "Black Flag"]02:58
9Can't Stop Me [from the "100 Words and Running"]01:59
10Cleveland State of Mind [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:42
11D&G (ft. Sean McGee) [from the "Black Flag"]04:43
12D3MONS (ft. DMX) [from the "Lace Up"]04:21
13Dark Side of the Moon [from the "Black Flag"]04:57
14DUBO Reminder [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:12
15Edge of Destruction (ft. Tech N9ne and Twista) [from the "Lace Up"]05:07
16End of the Road (ft. Blackbear) [from the "Lace Up"]04:04
17EST 4 Life (ft. Dubo & DJ Xplosive) [from the "Half Naked & Almost Famous"]02:53
18Half Naked & Almost Famous [from the "Half Naked & Almost Famous"]02:52
19Half Naked & Almost Famous [from the "Lace Up"]02:51
20Hell Yeah [from the "100 Words and Running"]03:44
21Hold On (Shut Up) (ft. Young Jeezy) [from the "Lace Up"]03:30
22Home Soon [from the "Black Flag"]03:46
23Invincible (ft. Ester Dean) [from the "Lace Up"]03:05
24La La La (the Floating Song) [from the "Lace Up"]03:53
25Lace Up (ft. Lil Jon) [from the "Lace Up"]03:02
26Leave Me Alone (ft. Rock City) [from the "100 Words and Running"]04:01
27Let The Beat Build [from the "100 Words and Running"]04:10
28Like That [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:35
29Mind of a Stoner (ft. Wiz Khalifa) [from the "Black Flag"]02:48
30Miss Me? (ft. Dub-O) [from the "Black Flag"]03:15
31Mr. Peter Parker & DJ E-V Intro [from the "100 Words and Running"]00:46
32Ohio (I'm From That) (ft. DUBO) [from the "100 Words and Running"]03:29
33On My Way [from the "Lace Up"]04:10
34Payback Music [from the "100 Words and Running"]01:53
35Pe$o (ft. Pusha T and Meek Mill) [from the "Black Flag"]03:13
36Raise the Flag [from the "Black Flag"]03:05
37Run This Town [from the "100 Words and Running"]03:14
38Runnin’ (ft. Planet VI) [from the "Lace Up"]02:47
39Save Me (ft. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates) [from the "Lace Up"]03:12
40See My Tears [from the "Half Naked & Almost Famous"]04:10
41See My Tears [from the "Lace Up"]04:09
42Skate Cans [from the "Black Flag"]03:01
43Stereo (ft. Alex Fitts) [from the "Lace Up"]03:54
44Still Get It In Ohio [from the "100 Words and Running"]03:19
45Street Dreams [from the "Black Flag"]02:53
46Swing Life Away (Rise Against Cover) (ft. Kellin Quinn) [from the "Black Flag"]03:21
47Tell You Somethin' [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:05
48The Arsonist [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:45
49The Finish [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:16
50The Start [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:52
51Turnt Up (ft. Travis Porter) [from the "100 Words and Running"]02:22
52Warning Shot (ft. Cassie) [from the "Half Naked & Almost Famous"]03:20
53Warning Shot (ft. Cassie) [from the "Lace Up"]03:21
54What I Do (ft. Bun B and Dubo) [from the "Lace Up"]04:32
55What It Seems (ft. DUBO) [from the "100 Words and Running"]01:49
56Wild Boy (ft. Waka Flocka Flame) [from the "Half Naked & Almost Famous"]03:50
57Wild Boy (ft. Waka Flocka Flame) [from the "Lace Up"]03:51

MGK - top artists list [#154]


Richard Colson Baker, better known by his stage name MGK or Machine Gun Kelly is an American hip hop recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. []


  • Hip hop
  • Lace Up (ft. Lil Jon) - one of the best MGK songs, top songs list [#767]

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