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Full Moon by Brandy [2002] [album editions]

Full Moon (Brandy)

Track listing

1B Rocka Intro
2Full Moon
3I Thought
4When You Touch Me
5Like This
6All In Me
8Can We
9What About Us?
12It's Not Worth It
13He Is
14Come A Little Closer
15Love Wouldn't Count Me Out
17Die Without You

Brandy albums

1Afrodisiac[ 2004 ]
2Brandy[ 1994 ]
3Full Moon[ 2002 ]
4Human[ 2008 ]
5Never Say Never[ 1998 ]
6Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
7Two Eleven[ 2012 ]
1Afrodisiac (Brandy)
2Brandy (Brandy)
3Full Moon (Brandy)
4Human (Brandy)
5Never Say Never (Brandy)
6Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Two Eleven (Brandy)

Brandy songs

1(Everything I Do) I Do It For You [from the "Never Say Never"]04:09
21st & Love [from the "Human"]03:18
3A Capella (Something's Missing) [from the "Human"]03:30
4Afrodisiac [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:47
5All In Me [from the "Full Moon"]04:00
6Almost Doesn't Count [from the "Never Say Never"]03:37
7Always On My Mind [from the "Brandy"]04:06
8Angel in Disguise (ft. background vocals by Joe) [from the "Never Say Never"]04:48
9Anybody [from the "Full Moon"]04:55
10Apart [from the "Full Moon"]04:27
11As Long As You're Here [from the "Brandy"]04:45
12B Rocka Intro [from the "Full Moon"]01:19
13Baby [from the "Brandy"]05:13
14Best Friend [from the "Brandy"]04:48
15Brokenhearted [from the "Brandy"]05:54
16Camouflage [from the "Human"]04:00
17Can We [from the "Full Moon"]04:43
18Can You Hear Me Now [from the "Two Eleven"]05:00
19Come A Little Closer [from the "Full Moon"]04:32
20Come As You Are [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:44
21Die Without You [from the "Full Moon"]04:32
22Do You Know What You Have [from the "Two Eleven"]03:28
23Fall [from the "Human"]04:22
24Finally [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:53
25Focus [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:07
26Full Moon [from the "Full Moon"]04:09
27Give Me You [from the "Brandy"]04:26
28Gonna Find My Love [from the "Human"]03:28
29Happy [from the "Never Say Never"]04:06
30Hardly Breathing [from the "Two Eleven"]03:55
31Have You Ever? [from the "Never Say Never"]04:32
32He Is [from the "Full Moon"]04:21
33How I Feel [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:41
34Human [from the "Human"]03:48
35Human (Intro) [from the "Human"]00:20
36I Dedicate (Part I) [from the "Brandy"]01:29
37I Dedicate (Part II) [from the "Brandy"]00:56
38I Dedicate (Part III) [from the "Brandy"]01:01
39I Thought [from the "Full Moon"]04:29
40I Tried [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:45
41I Wanna Be Down [from the "Brandy"]04:51
42I'm Yours [from the "Brandy"]04:02
43In the Car: The Phone Call (Interlude) [from the "Never Say Never"]01:08
44Intro [from the "Never Say Never"]00:49
45Intro [from the "Two Eleven"]00:57
46It's Not Worth It [from the "Full Moon"]04:23
47Learn The Hard Way [from the "Never Say Never"]04:50
48Let Me Go [from the "Two Eleven"]03:17
49Like This [from the "Full Moon"]04:32
50Long Distance [from the "Human"]03:47
51Long Distance Interlude [from the "Human"]01:01
52Love Is On My Side [from the "Brandy"]05:10
53Love Wouldn't Count Me Out [from the "Full Moon"]04:19
54Movin' On [from the "Brandy"]04:28
55Music [from the "Two Eleven"]04:19
56Necessary [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:59
57Never Say Never [from the "Never Say Never"]05:10
58No Such Thing As Too Late [from the "Two Eleven"]04:01
59Nothing [from the "Full Moon"]04:48
60One Voice [from the "Never Say Never"]04:07

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Brandy Rayana Norwood, also known as Brandy or Bran'Nu, is an American recording artist and entertainer.

Within pop music, Norwood has become known for her distinctive sound, characterised by her peculiar timbre, voice-layering, throaty riffs, and beat-driven R&B.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Soul,
  • Hip hop
  • He Is by Brandy

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