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Scars & Stories by The Fray [2012] [album editions]

Scars & Stories (The Fray)

Track listing

2The Fighter
3Turn Me On
4Run For Your Life
5The Wind
7I Can Barely Say
9Here We Are
1048 To Go
11Rainy Zurich
12Be Still

The Fray albums

1How to Save a Life[ 2005 ]
2Movement[ 2002 ]
3Scars & Stories[ 2012 ]
4The Fray[ 2009 ]
1How to Save a Life (The Fray)
2Movement (The Fray)
3Scars & Stories (The Fray)
4The Fray (The Fray)

The Fray songs

11961 [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:51
248 To Go [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:21
3Absolute [from the "The Fray"]03:49
4All At Once [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:48
5Be Still [from the "Scars & Stories"]02:47
6Dead Wrong [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:06
7Enough For Now [from the "The Fray"]04:17
8Fall Away [from the "How to Save a Life"]04:23
9Happiness [from the "The Fray"]05:24
10Heartbeat [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:38
11Heaven Forbid [from the "How to Save a Life"]04:01
12Here We Are [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:29
13How To Save A Life [from the "How to Save a Life"]04:23
14Hundred [from the "How to Save a Life"]04:14
15I Can Barely Say [from the "Scars & Stories"]04:18
16It's For You [from the "Movement"]03:46
17Little House [from the "How to Save a Life"]02:31
18Look After You [from the "How to Save a Life"]04:28
19Munich [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:55
20Never Say Never [from the "The Fray"]04:19
21Oceans Away [from the "Movement"]03:59
22Over My Head (Cable Car) [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:58
23Rainy Zurich [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:46
24Run For Your Life [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:57
25Say When [from the "The Fray"]05:04
26She Is [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:58
27Syndicate [from the "The Fray"]03:32
28The Fighter [from the "Scars & Stories"]04:18
29The Wind [from the "Scars & Stories"]04:13
30Trust Me [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:22
31Turn Me On [from the "Scars & Stories"]03:02
32Ungodly Hour [from the "The Fray"]05:07
33Vienna [from the "Movement"]03:50
34Vienna [from the "How to Save a Life"]03:51
35We Build Then We Break [from the "The Fray"]03:48
36Where the Story Ends [from the "The Fray"]03:07
37Where You Want To [from the "Movement"]03:22
38You Found Me [from the "The Fray"]04:03

The Fray - top artists list [#568]

The Fray

The Fray is an American piano rock band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2002 by Isaac Slade and Joe King.


  • Piano rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock
  • Heartbeat - one of the best The Fray songs, top songs list [#1304]

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