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Cripple Crow by Devendra Banhart [2005] [album editions]

Cripple Crow (Devendra Banhart)

Track listing

1Now That I Know
2Pensando Enti
3Heard Somebody Say
4Long Haired Child
5Lazy Butterfly
6Quetate Luna
7I Do Dig a Certain Girl
8I Feel Like a Child
9Some People Ride the Wave
10The Beatles
12When They Come
13In Niel
14Mama Wolf
15How's About Telling a Story
16Chinese Children
17Sawkill River
18I Love That Man
19Luna de Margarita
20Korean Dogwood
21Little Boys

Devendra Banhart albums

1Cripple Crow[ 2005 ]
2Nino Rojo[ 2004 ]
3Oh Me Oh My[ 2002 ]
4Rejoicing In The Hands[ 2004 ]
5What Will We Be[ 2009 ]
1Cripple Crow (Devendra Banhart)
2Nino Rojo (Devendra Banhart)
3Oh Me Oh My (Devendra Banhart)
4Rejoicing In The Hands (Devendra Banhart)
5What Will We Be (Devendra Banhart)

Devendra Banhart songs

116th & Valencia Roxy Music [from the "What Will We Be"]02:59
2A Gentle Soul [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]02:03
3A Ribbon [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:39
4An Island [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:05
5Angelika [from the "What Will We Be"]03:23
6Animals in My Play [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]01:28
7At the Hop [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:14
8Autumn's Child [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]02:40
9Ay Mama [from the "Nino Rojo"]03:02
10Baby [from the "What Will We Be"]03:05
11Be Kind [from the "Nino Rojo"]03:05
12Brindo [from the "What Will We Be"]03:41
13Can't Help But Smiling [from the "What Will We Be"]02:24
14Chin Chin & Much Much [from the "What Will We Be"]05:24
15Chinese Children [from the "Cripple Crow"]05:19
16Cosmos and Demos [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]03:35
17Dogs They Make Up The Dark [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]01:20
18Dragonflys [from the "Cripple Crow"]01:01
19Electric Heart [from the "Nino Rojo"]05:32
20Fall [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]02:53
21First Song For B [from the "What Will We Be"]03:00
22Foolin' [from the "What Will We Be"]02:43
23Goin' Back [from the "What Will We Be"]03:44
24Happy Happy Oh [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]01:30
25Heard Somebody Say [from the "Cripple Crow"]03:22
26Hey Miss Cane [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]03:23
27Horseheadedfleshwizard [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:25
28How's About Telling a Story [from the "Cripple Crow"]01:23
29I Do Dig a Certain Girl [from the "Cripple Crow"]02:48
30I Feel Like a Child [from the "Cripple Crow"]04:47
31I Love That Man [from the "Cripple Crow"]02:28
32In Niel [from the "Cripple Crow"]03:45
33Insect Eyes [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]05:08
34It's A Sight To Behold [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]02:26
35Korean Dogwood [from the "Cripple Crow"]04:04
36Last Song For B [from the "What Will We Be"]03:01
37Lazy Butterfly [from the "Cripple Crow"]04:01
38Legless Love [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]02:12
39Lend Me Your Teeth [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]01:58
40Little Boys [from the "Cripple Crow"]05:21
41Little Monkey [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]01:54
42Little Yellow Spider [from the "Nino Rojo"]03:39
43Long Haired Child [from the "Cripple Crow"]03:47
44Luna de Margarita [from the "Cripple Crow"]02:10
45Make It Easier [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]00:59
46Mama Wolf [from the "Cripple Crow"]03:54
47Maria Lionza [from the "What Will We Be"]05:50
48Marigold [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]01:57
49Meet Me At Lookout Point [from the "What Will We Be"]03:40
50Michigan State [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]03:50
51My Ships [from the "Nino Rojo"]01:37
52Nice People [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]03:17
53Noah [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:29
54Now That I Know [from the "Cripple Crow"]04:57
55Ones [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]02:25
56Owl Eyes [from the "Nino Rojo"]02:45
57Pensando Enti [from the "Cripple Crow"]04:37
58Poughkeepsie [from the "Rejoicing In The Hands"]02:17
59Pumpkin Seeds [from the "Oh Me Oh My"]04:34
60Quetate Luna [from the "Cripple Crow"]03:08

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart

Devendra Obi Banhart is a singer-songwriter and visual artist.

Banhart's music is often associated with the New Weird America genre, along with Vetiver and Joanna Newsom. []


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  • Psych folk,
  • Folk rock,
  • New Weird America,
  • Latin,
  • Lo-fi
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