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Ms. Vocalist by Debbie Gibson [2010] [album editions]

Ms. Vocalist (Debbie Gibson)

Track listing

2Say Yes
3I Love You
4Roman Hikou
5Love Story wa Totsuzen ni
6True Love
7Hitomi wo Tojite
11Lost In Your Eyes
12Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto
13Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (Japanese Ver.)

Debbie Gibson albums

1Anything Is Possible[ 1990 ]
2Body Mind Soul[ 1993 ]
3Colored Lights: The Broadway Album[ 2003 ]
4Deborah[ 1997 ]
5Electric Youth[ 1989 ]
6M.Y.O.B.[ 2001 ]
7Ms. Vocalist[ 2010 ]
8Out of the Blue[ 1987 ]
9Think with Your Heart[ 1995 ]
1Anything Is Possible (Debbie Gibson)
2Body Mind Soul (Debbie Gibson)
3Colored Lights: The Broadway Album (Debbie Gibson)
4Deborah (Debbie Gibson)
5Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson)
6M.Y.O.B. (Debbie Gibson)
7Ms. Vocalist (Debbie Gibson)
8Out of the Blue (Debbie Gibson)
9Think with Your Heart (Debbie Gibson)

Debbie Gibson songs

1Another Brick Falls [from the "Anything Is Possible"]03:57
2Anything Is Possible [from the "Anything Is Possible"]03:46
3Anytime (I Am There) (From Elegies: A Song Cycle) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]05:08
4Between The Lines [from the "Out of the Blue"]04:42
5Blame It on the Summer Night (From Rags) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]04:39
6Butterflies Are Free [from the "Deborah"]03:42
7Can't Do It Alone [from the "Think with Your Heart"]04:28
8Colored Lights (from The Rink) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]06:06
9Cry Tonight [from the "Deborah"]03:26
10Dancin' In My Mind [from the "Think with Your Heart"]03:32
11Deep Down [from the "Anything Is Possible"]04:52
12Didn't Have The Heart [from the "Think with Your Heart"]04:47
13Do You Have It In Your Heart? [from the "Body Mind Soul"]04:46
14Don't Rain On My Parade [from the "Deborah"]02:59
15Dontcha Want Me Now? [from the "Think with Your Heart"]04:20
16Down That Road [from the "M.Y.O.B."]04:49
17Electric Youth [from the "Electric Youth"]04:56
18Fallen Angel [from the "Out of the Blue"]03:48
19Foolish Beat [from the "Out of the Blue"]04:27
20For Better or Worse [from the "Think with Your Heart"]03:26
21Free Me [from the "Body Mind Soul"]04:25
22Give Me Your Love [from the "Deborah"]04:11
23Goodbye [from the "Body Mind Soul"]04:47
24Helplessly in Love [from the "Electric Youth"]04:12
25Hitomi wo Tojite [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]05:22
26How Can This Be? [from the "Body Mind Soul"]03:57
27However [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]05:26
28I Can't [from the "Deborah"]04:13
29I Enjoy Being a Girl (From Flower Drum Song) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]04:36
30I Love You [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]04:19
31I Will Let You Go [from the "Deborah"]03:13
32I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love (From the Boy from Oz) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]03:22
33I'm the Greatest Star (From Funny Girl) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]04:09
34In Blue [from the "M.Y.O.B."]06:05
35In His Mind [from the "Anything Is Possible"]03:34
36Interlude/Tony's Rehearsal [from the "Think with Your Heart"]00:42
37It Must've Been My Boy [from the "Anything Is Possible"]04:19
38Jaded [from the "M.Y.O.B."]04:11
39Just Wasn't Love [from the "Deborah"]04:08
40Kisses 4 One [from the "Body Mind Soul"]03:50
41Knock Three Times [from the "M.Y.O.B."]05:12
42Lead Them Home My Dreams [from the "Anything Is Possible"]05:36
43Let Me Entertain You (From Gypsy) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]02:14
44Let's Run Away [from the "Think with Your Heart"]05:25
45Little Birdie [from the "Body Mind Soul"]04:02
46Losin' Myself [from the "Body Mind Soul"]05:16
47Lost In Your Eyes [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]03:49
48Lost in Your Eyes [from the "Electric Youth"]03:35
49Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (Japanese Ver.) [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]03:46
50Love in Disguise [from the "Electric Youth"]04:20
51Love Or Money [from the "Body Mind Soul"]04:06
52Love Story wa Totsuzen ni [from the "Ms. Vocalist"]04:49
53M.Y.O.B. [from the "M.Y.O.B."]04:00
54M.Y.O.B. (Dance Mix) [from the "M.Y.O.B."]04:23
55Maybe This Time (From Cabaret) [from the "Colored Lights: The Broadway Album"]03:00
56Mood Swings [from the "Anything Is Possible"]03:54
57Moonchild [from the "Deborah"]04:39
58Naturally [from the "Deborah"]03:55
59Negative Energy [from the "Anything Is Possible"]03:41
60No More Rhyme [from the "Electric Youth"]04:16

Debbie Gibson - top artists list [#574]

Debbie Gibson

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Gibson is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance-pop,
  • Pop rock
  • Lost In Your Eyes - one of the best Debbie Gibson songs, top songs list [#1341]

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