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One Nation Underground by Ill Nino [2005] [album editions]

One Nation Underground (Ill Nino)

Track listing

1This Is War
2My Resurrection
3What You Deserve
4Turns To Gray (ft. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)
5De La Vida
6La Liberacion of Our Awakening
7All I Ask For
8Corazon of Mine
9Everything Beautiful
10In This Moment
11My Pleasant Torture
12Barely Breathing
13Violent Saint

Ill Nino albums

1Confession[ 2003 ]
2Dead New World[ 2010 ]
3Enigma[ 2008 ]
4Epidemia[ 2012 ]
5One Nation Underground[ 2005 ]
6Resident Evil (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
7Revolution Revolucion[ 2001 ]
1Confession (Ill Nino)
2Dead New World (Ill Nino)
3Enigma (Ill Nino)
4Epidemia (Ill Nino)
5One Nation Underground (Ill Nino)
6Resident Evil (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Revolution Revolucion (Ill Nino)

Ill Nino songs

61Rumba [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:35
62Scarred [from the "Dead New World"]03:44
63Serve The Grave [from the "Dead New World"]03:20
64Te Amo...I Hate You [from the "Confession"]03:32
65The Alibi of Tyrants [from the "Enigma"]03:51
66The Art of War [from the "Dead New World"]04:09
67The Depression [from the "Epidemia"]03:44
68This Is War [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:46
69This Time's for Real [from the "Confession"]03:27
70Time Won't Save You [from the "Epidemia"]04:49
71Turns To Gray (ft. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed) [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:23
72Two (Vaya Con Dios) [from the "Confession"]03:23
73Unframed [from the "Confession"]03:22
74Unreal [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:33
75Unreal (Spanish version) [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:34
76Violent Saint [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:46
77What Comes Around [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:46
78What Comes Around (Day Of The Dead Mix) - Ill Nino [from the "Resident Evil (Soundtrack)"]04:27
79What Comes Around (Spanish version) [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:46
80What You Deserve [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:00
81When It Cuts [from the "Confession"]02:47
82With You [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:57

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Ill Nino

Ill Nino is an American six-piece heavy metal band from New Jersey founded in 1998.


  • Alternative metal,
  • Latin metal,
  • Nu metal
  • What You Deserve by Ill Nino

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