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Happy Hour by Uncle Kracker [2009] [album editions]

Happy Hour (Uncle Kracker)

Track listing

2Another Love Song
3My Girlfriend
4Livin' The Dream
5Corner Bar
6Me Again (ft. Jesse Lee)
7Good To Be Me
8I Hate California
9Hot Mess
10Hey Hey Hey
11I'm Not Leaving

Uncle Kracker albums

1Double Wide[ 2000 ]
2Happy Hour[ 2009 ]
3Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
4No Stranger to Shame[ 2002 ]
5Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
1Double Wide (Uncle Kracker)
2Happy Hour (Uncle Kracker)
3Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4No Stranger to Shame (Uncle Kracker)
5Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Uncle Kracker songs

1Aces & 8's [from the "Double Wide"]03:54
2Another Love Song [from the "Happy Hour"]03:31
3Baby Don't Cry [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]04:27
4Better Days [from the "Double Wide"]04:50
5Break U Off - Uncle Kracker [from the "Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)"] 
6Corner Bar [from the "Happy Hour"]04:18
7Drift Away [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]04:15
8Follow Me [from the "Double Wide"]03:35
9Good To Be Me [from the "Happy Hour"]04:12
10Heaven (ft. Paradime And Kid Rock) [from the "Double Wide"]04:19
11Hey Hey Hey [from the "Happy Hour"]03:28
12Hidden Track [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:44
13Hot Mess [from the "Happy Hour"]02:51
14I Do [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:11
15I Don't Know [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:57
16I Hate California [from the "Happy Hour"]03:37
17I Wish I Had A Dollar [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]04:03
18I'm Not Leaving [from the "Happy Hour"]04:29
19In a Little While [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]04:09
20Intro [from the "Double Wide"]01:20
21Keep It Coming [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:21
22Letter To My Daughters [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:08
23Livin' The Dream [from the "Happy Hour"]03:44
24Mainstreet [from the "Happy Hour"]03:27
25Me Again (ft. Jesse Lee) [from the "Happy Hour"]03:35
26Memphis Soul Song [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:57
27My Girlfriend [from the "Happy Hour"]03:00
28No Stranger To Shame [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:39
29Smile [from the "Happy Hour"]03:21
30Steaks 'n Shrimp [from the "Double Wide"]04:13
31Thunderhead Hawkins [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]03:46
32To Think I Used To Love You [from the "No Stranger to Shame"]00:09
33What 'Chu Lookin' At [from the "Double Wide"]05:12
34What U Lookin' At? - Uncle Kracker [from the "Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)"]05:12
35Whiskey & Walter [from the "Double Wide"]04:43
36Who's Your Uncle [from the "Double Wide"]03:56
37Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [from the "Double Wide"]04:59
38You Can't Take Me [from the "Double Wide"]03:16

Uncle Kracker - top artists list [#305]

Uncle Kracker

Matthew Shafer is an American rock musician known as Uncle Kracker.

His music was more rap rock-based at the start of his career before turning in a more rock influenced direction on later releases. []


  • Rock,
  • Country,
  • Hip hop
  • Good To Be Me - one of the best Uncle Kracker songs, top songs list [#1289]

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