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Blood Pressures by The Kills [2011] [album editions]

Blood Pressures (The Kills)

Track listing

1Future Starts Slow
3Heart Is A Beating Drum
4Nail In My Coffin
5Wild Charms
7Baby Says
8The Last Goodbye
9Damned If She Do
10You Don't Own The Road
11Pots And Pans

The Kills albums

1Blood Pressures[ 2011 ]
2Keep on Your Mean Side[ 2003 ]
3Midnight Boom[ 2008 ]
4No Wow[ 2005 ]
1Blood Pressures (The Kills)
2Keep on Your Mean Side (The Kills)
3Midnight Boom (The Kills)
4No Wow (The Kills)

The Kills songs

1Alphabet Pony [from the "Midnight Boom"]01:44
2At The Back Of The Shell [from the "No Wow"]02:27
3Baby Says [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:28
4Black Balloon [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:45
5Black Rooster [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]04:24
6Cat Claw [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]03:32
7Cheap and Cheerful [from the "Midnight Boom"]02:26
8Damned If She Do [from the "Blood Pressures"]03:52
9Dead Road 7 [from the "No Wow"]03:23
10DNA [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:32
11Fried My Little Brains [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]02:08
12Fuck The People [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]04:17
13Future Starts Slow [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:05
14Getting Down [from the "Midnight Boom"]02:54
15Goodnight Bad Morning [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:50
16Gypsy Death & You [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]02:10
17Hand [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]00:50
18Heart Is A Beating Drum [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:20
19Hitched [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]04:02
20Hook and Line [from the "Midnight Boom"]02:02
21I Hate The Way You Love [from the "No Wow"]03:37
22I Hate The Way You Love Part 2 [from the "No Wow"]01:46
23Kissy Kissy [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]05:02
24Last Day of Magic [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:20
25Love Is a Deserter [from the "No Wow"]03:48
26M.E.X.I.C.O. [from the "Midnight Boom"]01:36
27Monkey 23 [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]03:06
28Murdermile [from the "No Wow"]04:25
29Nail In My Coffin [from the "Blood Pressures"]03:32
30No Wow [from the "No Wow"]04:47
31Pots And Pans [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:35
32Pull A U [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]03:23
33Rodeo Town [from the "No Wow"]04:24
34Satellite [from the "Blood Pressures"]04:13
35Sour Cherry [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:06
36Superstition [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]04:40
37Sweet Cloud [from the "No Wow"]05:06
38Tape Song [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:34
39The Good Ones [from the "No Wow"]03:29
40The Last Goodbye [from the "Blood Pressures"]03:42
41Ticket Man [from the "No Wow"]02:49
42U.R.A. Fever [from the "Midnight Boom"]02:15
43Wait [from the "Keep on Your Mean Side"]04:48
44What New York Used To Be [from the "Midnight Boom"]03:14
45Wild Charms [from the "Blood Pressures"]01:14
46You Don't Own The Road [from the "Blood Pressures"]03:22

The Kills - top artists list [#467]

The Kills

The Kills is a rock band formed by American singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie Hince.

Mosshart was previously in Floridian punk rock band Discount, and Hince was in the British rock bands Fiji, Scarfo and Blyth Power. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Garage rock,
  • Art rock,
  • Post-punk revival
  • Baby Says - one of the best The Kills songs, top songs list [#1841]

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