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Suite by Martin Solveig [2003] [album editions]

Suite (Martin Solveig)

Track listing

1Madan (Salif Keita vs Martin Solveig)
2Linda 1
3Rocking Music
4Tiger Drums
5I'm A Good Man
6Believe (Soldiers of Twilight)
7Everything I Do (Cunnie Williams)
9Linda 2
10Heart Of Africa
11Someday (Spen & Karizma Instrumental)
12Someday (DJ Gregory Point G. Mix)

Martin Solveig albums

1C'est La Vie[ 2009 ]
2Escape: St. Barth's[ 2004 ]
3Hedonist[ 2005 ]
4Smash[ 2011 ]
5Suite[ 2003 ]
1C'est La Vie (Martin Solveig)
2Escape: St. Barth's (Various artists)
3Hedonist (Martin Solveig)
4Smash (Martin Solveig)
5Suite (Martin Solveig)

Martin Solveig songs

1Beauty False [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:10
2Believe (Soldiers of Twilight) [from the "Suite"]04:55
3Big in Japan (ft. Dragonette and Idoling!!!) [from the "Smash"]04:18
4Black Voices [from the "Hedonist"]04:04
5Blind Rendez vous [from the "Hedonist"]00:29
6Bottom Line [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:05
7Boys & Girls [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:44
8Boys & Girls (Bart B More Dans Tes Rave Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:00
9Boys & Girls (ft. Dragonette) [from the "Smash"]03:44
10Boys & Girls (Martin Solveig Extended / Les Petits Pilous Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:30
11Burning [from the "Suite"]03:19
12Butterfly [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:04
13Can't Stop (ft. Dragonette) [from the "Smash"]03:37
14C'est La Vie [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:23
15C'est La Vie (Fedde Le Grand Versus Martin Solveig Club Mix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]02:30
16C'est La Vie (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:28
17Don't waste anther day [from the "Hedonist"]04:32
18Dry [from the "Hedonist"]05:00
19Everybody [from the "Hedonist"]04:17
20Everything I Do (Cunnie Williams) [from the "Suite"]05:53
21Get Away From You [from the "Smash"]02:24
22Give It To Me [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:12
23Give It To Me (Kolombo & Compuphonic Mix Martin Solveig Edit) [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:30
24Give It To Me (Tiger Stripes Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]02:52
25Heart Of Africa [from the "Suite"]04:05
26Hello (ft. Dragonette) [from the "Smash"]04:41
27I Want You [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:25
28I Want You (Laidback Luke Instrumental) [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:24
29I Want You (Mowgli / Tepr Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:18
30If you tell me more [from the "Hedonist"]03:25
31I'm A Good Man [from the "Suite"]06:04
32Intro [from the "C'est La Vie"]01:30
33Jealousy [from the "Hedonist"]05:17
34Let's Not Play Games (ft. Sunday Girl) [from the "Smash"]03:14
35Linda 1 [from the "Suite"]04:32
36Linda 2 [from the "Suite"]04:49
37Madan (Salif Keita vs Martin Solveig) [from the "Suite"]06:12
38One 2.3 Four [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:00
39One 2.3 Four (Deepside Deejays Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:31
40One 2.3 Four (Felix Da Housecat's ATL Sia Rude Retro Mix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:17
41One 2.3 Four (Mason's Dark Disco Mix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:46
42One 2.3 Four (Popof Remix) [from the "C'est La Vie"]01:44
43Poptimistic [from the "C'est La Vie"]01:19
44Poptimistic (Bingo Players Vox) [from the "C'est La Vie"]02:45
45Racer 21 [from the "Smash"]03:10
46Ready 2 Go (ft. Kele) [from the "Smash"]04:24
47Rejection [from the "Hedonist"]04:44
48Requiem pour un con [from the "Hedonist"]02:53
49Rocking Music [from the "Suite"]06:44
50Rocking Music - Martin Solveig [from the "Escape: St. Barth's"] 
51Some Other Time [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:02
52Someday (DJ Gregory Point G. Mix) [from the "Suite"]05:54
53Someday (Spen & Karizma Instrumental) [from the "Suite"]05:00
54Something about you [from the "Hedonist"]04:06
55Something Better [from the "Hedonist"]04:48
56Superficial [from the "C'est La Vie"]03:59
57The Night Out [from the "Smash"]04:43
58Tiger Drums [from the "Suite"]01:32
59Touch Me [from the "C'est La Vie"]05:24
60Touch Me (John Paradox Running Dub) [from the "C'est La Vie"]04:48

Martin Solveig - top artists list [#503]

Martin Solveig

Martin Laurent Picandet, better known under his stage name Martin Solveig, is a French electronic music DJ and producer from Paris.

Martin Solveig had been ranked 29th in the 2011 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs popularity poll.[1] He has collaborated with Dragonette, Kele of Bloc Party, and Madonna.


  • House,
  • Eurodance
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