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III by Family Force 5 [2011] [album editions]

III (Family Force 5)

Track listing

1Can You Feel It
4You Got It
6Tank Top
7Not Alone
8Dang Girl
9Love Gone Wrong
10Get On Outta Here

Family Force 5 albums

1Business Up Front/Party in the Back[ 2006 ]
2Dance or Die[ 2008 ]
3III[ 2011 ]
4Time Stands Still[ 2015 ]
1Business Up Front/Party in the Back (Family Force 5)
2Dance or Die (Family Force 5)
3III (Family Force 5)
4Time Stands Still (Family Force 5)

Family Force 5 songs

1BZRK (ft. KB) [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:42
2Cadillac Phunque [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:27
3Can You Feel It [from the "III"]02:45
4Dance Like Nobody's Watching [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:51
5Dance or Die [from the "Dance or Die"]04:11
6Dang Girl [from the "III"]02:48
7d-i-e4y-o-u [from the "Dance or Die"]03:30
8Drama Queen [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:51
9Earthquake [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:06
10Everybody Lose Your Mind [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:15
11Fever [from the "Dance or Die"]03:28
12Get On Outta Here [from the "III"]03:01
13Get Your Back Off the Wall [from the "Dance or Die"]03:15
14Glow In the Dark [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:52
15How in the World [from the "Dance or Die"]04:37
16Jet Pack Kicks [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:32
17Kountry Gentleman [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:23
18Let It Be Love [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:30
19Let It Be Love - Smile Future Remix [from the "Time Stands Still"]05:23
20Lose Urself [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:10
21Love Addict [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]02:52
22Love Gone Wrong [from the "III"]02:42
23Mamacita [from the "III"]03:10
24Never Say Never [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:51
25Not Alone [from the "III"]03:51
26Numb [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:11
27Party Foul [from the "Dance or Die"]03:00
28Paycheck [from the "III"]03:33
29Peachy [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:46
30Put Ur Hands Up [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]04:20
31Radiator [from the "Dance or Die"]03:39
32Raised By Wolves [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:05
33Replace Me [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:35
34Rip It Up [from the "Dance or Die"]03:20
35share it with me [from the "Dance or Die"]03:27
36Show Love [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:19
37Supersonic [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:07
38Sweep the Leg [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:59
39Tank Top [from the "III"]03:20
40The First Time [from the "Dance or Die"]04:25
41This Is My Year [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:49
42This Is My Year - Matoma Remix [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:06
43Time Stands Still [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:38
44Time Stands Still - Tim Yago Remix [from the "Time Stands Still"]05:11
45Wake the Dead [from the "Dance or Die"]03:07
46Walk On Water [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:10
47When Everything's Changing [from the "Time Stands Still"]03:37
48Wobble [from the "III"]03:42
49X-Girlfriend [from the "Business Up Front/Party in the Back"]03:38
50XRAY [from the "Time Stands Still"]02:52
51You Got It [from the "III"]03:20

Family Force 5 - top artists list [#252]

Family Force 5

Family Force 5 is a Christian crunk rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Family Force 5 has been cited as a crunk rock band, mixing a diverse set of music styles including punk, rap, post-hardcore, r&b, funk, dance, electronica, and rap metal with positive, party lyrics. []


  • Christian rock,
  • Cunk rock
  • Wobble - one of the best Family Force 5 songs, top songs list [#993]

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