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Point of Origin by There for Tomorrow [2004]

Point of Origin (There for Tomorrow)

Track listing

1To Whom It May Concern
2In His Words
3Your Mistake
4Red Handed
5Left All Alone
6Invisible Reality
7Feint Memory
87th Day
9I Won't Die
10To Blame Another Being
11Hidden Hearts Are Hard To Find
12Point Of Origin

There for Tomorrow albums

1A Little Faster[ 2009 ]
2Point of Origin[ 2004 ]
3The Verge[ 2011 ]
4There for Tomorrow[ 2008 ]
1A Little Faster (There for Tomorrow)
2Point of Origin (There for Tomorrow)
3The Verge (There for Tomorrow)
4There for Tomorrow (There for Tomorrow)

There for Tomorrow songs

118 [from the "The Verge"]04:02
27th Day [from the "Point of Origin"]03:07
3A Little Faster [from the "A Little Faster"]03:04
4Addiction And Her Name [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:07
5Backbone [from the "A Little Faster"]02:46
6Blu [from the "The Verge"]04:32
7Burn The Night Away [from the "A Little Faster"]03:24
8Circle Of Lies [from the "The Verge"]04:03
9Deadlines [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:20
10Deathbed [from the "A Little Faster"]03:13
11Feint Memory [from the "Point of Origin"]04:32
12Get It [from the "The Verge"]03:32
13Hidden Hearts Are Hard To Find [from the "Point of Origin"]02:49
14Hunt Hunt Hunt [from the "The Verge"]03:07
15I Can't Decide [from the "A Little Faster"]04:50
16I Won't Die [from the "Point of Origin"]03:27
17I'd Be Changing If I Were You [from the "The Verge"]04:21
18In His Words [from the "Point of Origin"]03:22
19Invisible Reality [from the "Point of Origin"]03:29
20Just In Time [from the "A Little Faster"]03:35
21Left All Alone [from the "Point of Origin"]04:39
22No More Room To Breathe [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:08
23Nowhere Blvd. [from the "The Verge"]03:57
24Pages [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:31
25Point Of Origin [from the "Point of Origin"]03:43
26Red Handed [from the "Point of Origin"]04:16
27Remember When (Used To Be Used To It) [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:53
28Saave [from the "The Verge"]03:33
29Slip Inside (The Barrel Of Your Gun) [from the "The Verge"]04:33
30Sore Winner [from the "A Little Faster"]03:31
31Stopwatch Affair [from the "The Verge"]05:04
32Stories [from the "A Little Faster"]03:05
33Taking Chances [from the "There for Tomorrow"]04:29
34The Joyride [from the "The Verge"]04:09
35The Remedy [from the "A Little Faster"]03:36
36The Verge [from the "The Verge"]03:42
37The World Calling [from the "A Little Faster"]04:41
38To Blame Another Being [from the "Point of Origin"]03:50
39To Whom It May Concern [from the "Point of Origin"]04:01
40Waiting [from the "There for Tomorrow"]03:46
41Wish You Away [from the "A Little Faster"]03:40
42Your Mistake [from the "Point of Origin"]04:46

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There for Tomorrow

There for Tomorrow is a band formed in Orlando, Florida in 2003.

The group is influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, Third Eye Blind, and The Hives.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Punk rock,
  • Pop punk
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