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Kaleidoscope Dream by Miguel [2012] [album editions]

Kaleidoscope Dream (Miguel)

Track listing

2Don't Look Back
3Use Me
4Do You...
5Kaleidoscope Dream
6The Thrill
7How Many Drinks
8Where's The Fun In Forever (ft. Alicia Keys)
9Arch & Point
10Pussy Is Mine
11Candles In The Sun

Miguel albums

1All I Want Is You[ 2010 ]
2Kaleidoscope Dream[ 2012 ]
3War & Leisure[ 2017 ]
4Wildheart[ 2015 ]
1All I Want Is You (Miguel)
2Kaleidoscope Dream (Miguel)
3War & Leisure (Miguel)
4Wildheart (Miguel)

Miguel songs

1...Goingtohell [from the "Wildheart"]04:04
2A Beautiful Exit [from the "Wildheart"]03:04
3Adorn [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:13
4All I Want Is You (Feat. J. Cole) [from the "All I Want Is You"]04:55
5Anointed [from the "War & Leisure"]03:53
6Arch & Point [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]02:56
7Banana Clip [from the "War & Leisure"]03:21
8Candles In The Sun [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:56
9Caramelo Duro (ft. Kali Uchis) [from the "War & Leisure"]03:33
10City of Angels [from the "War & Leisure"]04:18
11Coffee [from the "Wildheart"]04:46
12Come Through and Chill (ft. J. Cole and Salaam Remi) [from the "War & Leisure"]05:22
13Criminal (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "War & Leisure"]04:34
14Deal [from the "Wildheart"]04:18
15Destinado a Morir (Enter.lewd) [from the "Wildheart"]01:20
16Do You... [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:28
17Don't Look Back [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:25
18Face the Sun (ft. Lenny Kravitz) [from the "Wildheart"]04:32
19Flesh [from the "Wildheart"]04:29
20Girl With The Tattoo Enterlewd [from the "All I Want Is You"]01:42
21Girls Like You [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:23
22Hard Way [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:49
23Harem [from the "War & Leisure"]03:13
24Hero [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:48
25Hollywood Dreams [from the "Wildheart"]03:16
26How Many Drinks [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:33
27Kaleidoscope Dream [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:17
28Leaves [from the "Wildheart"]03:22
29My Piece [from the "All I Want Is You"]02:56
30Now [from the "War & Leisure"]04:09
31NWA (ft. Kurupt) [from the "Wildheart"]03:34
32Overload Enterlewd [from the "All I Want Is You"]00:31
33Pay Me [from the "All I Want Is You"]02:57
34Pineapple Skies [from the "War & Leisure"]04:41
35Pussy Is Mine [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:13
36Quickie [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:46
37Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) [from the "War & Leisure"]04:19
38Sure Thing [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:15
39Teach Me [from the "All I Want Is You"]05:22
40The Thrill [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:03
41The Valley [from the "Wildheart"]03:05
42To The Moon [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:23
43Told You So [from the "War & Leisure"]03:10
44Use Me [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:38
45Vixen [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:01
46Waves [from the "Wildheart"]03:22
47What's Normal Anyway [from the "Wildheart"]03:13
48Where's The Fun In Forever (ft. Alicia Keys) [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:29
49Wolf (ft. QuiƱ) [from the "War & Leisure"]03:29

Miguel - top artists list [#50]

Miguel Jontel Pimentel (Miguel) is an American recording artist and songwriter. []


  • R&B,
  • Funk,
  • Hip hop,
  • Rock,
  • Electronic
  • Adorn - one of the best Miguel songs, top songs list [#916]

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