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Firesight by Jessie Baylin [2008] [album editions]

Firesight (Jessie Baylin)

Track listing

1See How I Run
2Leave Your Mark
3Was I On Your Mind
4Not A Day More
5Lonely Heaven
6Tennessee Gem
7I'll Cry For The Both Of Us
8The Glitter
9Contradicting Words
10By Any Rules
11Tick Tock
12Hidden Track

Jessie Baylin albums

1Firesight[ 2008 ]
2Little Spark[ 2012 ]
1Firesight (Jessie Baylin)
2Little Spark (Jessie Baylin)

Jessie Baylin songs

1By Any Rules [from the "Firesight"]02:30
2Contradicting Words [from the "Firesight"]02:55
3Dancer [from the "Little Spark"]03:37
4Hidden Track [from the "Firesight"]02:56
5Holiday [from the "Little Spark"]03:02
6Hurry Hurry [from the "Little Spark"]03:24
7I Feel That Too [from the "Little Spark"]03:43
8I'll Cry For The Both Of Us [from the "Firesight"]03:37
9Joy is Suspicious [from the "Little Spark"]04:08
10Leave Your Mark [from the "Firesight"]03:50
11Little Spark [from the "Little Spark"]03:13
12Lonely Heaven [from the "Firesight"]04:42
13Love is Wasted on Lovers [from the "Little Spark"]03:22
14Not A Day More [from the "Firesight"]03:54
15See How I Run [from the "Firesight"]03:10
16Star Cannon [from the "Little Spark"]03:31
17Tennessee Gem [from the "Firesight"]02:47
18The Glitter [from the "Firesight"]02:58
19The Greatest Thing That Never Happened [from the "Little Spark"]03:17
20The Winds [from the "Little Spark"]04:07
21Tick Tock [from the "Firesight"]06:02
22Was I On Your Mind [from the "Firesight"]04:16
23Yuma [from the "Little Spark"]04:06

Jessie Baylin - top artists list [#536]

Jessie Baylin

Jessie Baldassarre known as Jessie Baylin is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Baylin and her band have toured with and performed with Marc Broussard, James Morrison, Dolores O'Riordan, Brett Dennen, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Teitur, and Newton Faulkner. []


  • Folk,
  • Jazz
  • Leave Your Mark by Jessie Baylin

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