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Before the Fire by Rival Sons [2009] [album editions]

Before the Fire (Rival Sons)

Track listing

1Tell Me Something
2Lucky Girl
3Memphis Sun
5Pocketful of Stones
6The Man Who Wasn't There
7Pleasant Return
8On My Way
9I Want More
10Flames of Lanka

Rival Sons albums

1Before the Fire[ 2009 ]
2Great Western Valkyrie[ 2014 ]
3Head Down[ 2012 ]
4Pressure & Time[ 2011 ]
1Before the Fire (Rival Sons)
2Great Western Valkyrie (Rival Sons)
3Head Down (Rival Sons)
4Pressure & Time (Rival Sons)

Rival Sons songs

1All Over the Road [from the "Pressure & Time"]02:54
2All The Way [from the "Head Down"]05:10
3Angel [from the "Before the Fire"]03:27
4Belle Starr [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]04:35
5Burn Down Los Angeles [from the "Pressure & Time"]02:28
6Destination on Course [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]07:06
7Electric Man [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]03:20
8Face of Light [from the "Pressure & Time"]04:28
9Flames of Lanka [from the "Before the Fire"]05:02
10Get Mine [from the "Pressure & Time"]02:24
11Good Luck [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]03:18
12Good Things [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]05:56
13Gypsy Heart [from the "Pressure & Time"]03:29
14I Want More [from the "Before the Fire"]02:39
15Jordan [from the "Head Down"]06:18
16Keep On Swinging [from the "Head Down"]04:00
17Lucky Girl [from the "Before the Fire"]02:35
18Manifest Destiny Pt.1 [from the "Head Down"]08:20
19Manifest Destiny Pt.2 [from the "Head Down"]04:24
20Memphis Sun [from the "Before the Fire"]03:50
21Nanda-Nandana [from the "Before the Fire"]02:42
22Nava [from the "Head Down"]02:01
23On My Way [from the "Before the Fire"]05:18
24Only One [from the "Pressure & Time"]03:14
25Open My Eyes [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]03:55
26Play The Fool [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]03:17
27Pleasant Return [from the "Before the Fire"]03:42
28Pocketful of Stones [from the "Before the Fire"]02:56
29Pressure and Time [from the "Pressure & Time"]03:19
30Rich and The Poor [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]05:15
31Run From Revelation [from the "Head Down"]04:14
32Save Me [from the "Pressure & Time"]02:32
33Secret [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]04:41
34Tell Me Something [from the "Before the Fire"]04:06
35The Heist [from the "Head Down"]03:13
36The Man Who Wasn't There [from the "Before the Fire"]02:39
37Three Fingers [from the "Head Down"]03:17
38True [from the "Head Down"]04:46
39Until The Sun Comes [from the "Head Down"]02:59
40Where I've Been [from the "Great Western Valkyrie"]06:18
41White Noise [from the "Pressure & Time"]03:04
42Wild Animal [from the "Head Down"]03:27
43You Want To [from the "Head Down"]04:15
44Young Love [from the "Pressure & Time"]03:00

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Rival Sons

Rival Sons is an American blues-rock band from Los Angeles, California. []


  • Blues rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Rock and roll
  • Lucky Girl by Rival Sons

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