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Family Man by Shooter Jennings [2012] [album editions]

Family Man (Shooter Jennings)

Track listing

1The Real Me
2The Long Road Ahead (ft. Tom Morello & Eleanor Whitmore)
3The Deed and the Dollar
4Manifesto No. 4
5Summer Dreams (Al's Song)
6Southern Family Anthem
7Daddy's Hands
8The Black Dog
9The Family Tree
10Born Again (ft. Eleanor Whitmore)

Shooter Jennings albums

1Family Man[ 2012 ]
2Put the O Back in Country[ 2005 ]
3The Wolf[ 2007 ]
1Family Man (Shooter Jennings)
2Put the O Back in Country (Shooter Jennings)
3The Wolf (Shooter Jennings)

Shooter Jennings songs

14th Of July [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]04:26
2A Matter Of Time [from the "The Wolf"]06:04
3Blood From A Stone [from the "The Wolf"]03:05
4Born Again (ft. Eleanor Whitmore) [from the "Family Man"]05:31
5Busted In Baylor County [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]03:54
6Concrete Cowboys [from the "The Wolf"]03:29
7Daddy's Farm [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]08:19
8Daddy's Hands [from the "Family Man"]03:04
9Higher [from the "The Wolf"]03:21
10Last Time I Let You Down [from the "The Wolf"]03:27
11Lonesome Blues [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]04:01
12Manifesto No. 1 [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]03:09
13Manifesto No. 4 [from the "Family Man"]03:07
14Old Friend [from the "The Wolf"]04:53
15Put The O Back In Country [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]03:26
16She Lives In Color [from the "The Wolf"]03:19
17Slow Train (ft. The Oak Ridge Boys) [from the "The Wolf"]03:41
18Solid Country Gold [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]03:05
19Southern Comfort [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]05:50
20Southern Family Anthem [from the "Family Man"]03:20
21Steady At The Wheel [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]02:57
22Summer Dreams (Al's Song) [from the "Family Man"]03:06
23Sweet Savannah [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]04:09
24Tangled Up Roses [from the "The Wolf"]03:25
25The Black Dog [from the "Family Man"]04:58
26The Deed and the Dollar [from the "Family Man"]03:57
27The Family Tree [from the "Family Man"]04:19
28The Letter [from the "Put the O Back in Country"]03:32
29The Long Road Ahead (ft. Tom Morello & Eleanor Whitmore) [from the "Family Man"]03:55
30The Real Me [from the "Family Man"]04:16
31The Wolf [from the "The Wolf"]04:03
32This Ol Wheel (ft. Doug 'The Ragin' Cajun' Kershaw) [from the "The Wolf"]03:44
33Time Management 101 [from the "The Wolf"]02:45
34Walk Of Life [from the "The Wolf"]03:58

Shooter Jennings - top artists list [#535]

Shooter Jennings

Waylon Albright 'Shooter' Jennings is an American singer-songwriter active in the country music and Southern rock genres as well as making his first foray into psychedelic rock in 2009. []


  • Outlaw country,
  • Alternative country,
  • Country rock,
  • Southern rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Psychedelic rock
  • The Deed and the Dollar - one of the best Shooter Jennings songs, top songs list [#1247]

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