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Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos [1992] [album editions]

Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos)

Track listing

3Silent All These Years
4Precious Things
6Happy Phantom
10Tear In Your Hand
11Me and a Gun
12Little Earthquakes

Tori Amos albums

1Abnormally Attracted to Sin[ 2009 ]
2American Doll Posse[ 2007 ]
3Boys for Pele[ 1996 ]
4From the Choirgirl Hotel[ 1998 ]
5Gold Dust[ 2012 ]
6Little Earthquakes[ 1992 ]
7Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
8Night of Hunters[ 2011 ]
9Scarlet's Walk[ 2002 ]
10Strange Little Girls[ 2001 ]
11Tales of a Librarian[ 2003 ]
12The Beekeeper[ 2005 ]
13To Venus and Back[ 1999 ]
14Under the Pink[ 1994 ]
15Unrepentant Geraldines[ 2014 ]
1Abnormally Attracted to Sin (Tori Amos)
2American Doll Posse (Tori Amos)
3Boys for Pele (Tori Amos)
4From the Choirgirl Hotel (Tori Amos)
5Gold Dust (Tori Amos)
6Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos)
7Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Night of Hunters (Tori Amos)
9Scarlet's Walk (Tori Amos)
10Strange Little Girls (Tori Amos)
11Tales of a Librarian (Tori Amos)
12The Beekeeper (Tori Amos)
13To Venus and Back (Tori Amos)
14Under the Pink (Tori Amos)
15Unrepentant Geraldines (Tori Amos)

Tori Amos songs

11000 Oceans [from the "To Venus and Back"]04:18
216 Shades of Blue [from the "Unrepentant Geraldines"]03:52
3500 Miles [from the "Abnormally Attracted to Sin"]04:08
497 Bonnie & Clyde (by Eminem) [from the "Strange Little Girls"]05:46
5A Sorta Fairytale [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]05:29
6Abnormally Attracted to Sin [from the "Abnormally Attracted to Sin"]05:34
7Agent Orange [from the "Boys for Pele"]01:25
8Almost Rosey (Isabel) [from the "American Doll Posse"]05:23
9Amber Waves [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]03:40
10America [from the "Unrepentant Geraldines"]04:11
11Angels [from the "Tales of a Librarian"] 
12Another Girl's Paradise [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]03:36
13Baker Baker [from the "Tales of a Librarian"] 
14Baker Baker [from the "Under the Pink"]03:18
15Barons Of Suburbia [from the "The Beekeeper"]05:21
16Battle Of Trees [from the "Night of Hunters"]08:48
17Beauty of Speed (Clyde) [from the "American Doll Posse"]04:08
18Beauty Queen (Horses) [from the "Boys for Pele"]06:07
19Beekeeper [from the "The Beekeeper"]06:50
20Bells for Her [from the "Under the Pink"]05:22
21Bells for Her [from the "To Venus and Back"]05:42
22Big Wheel (Tori) [from the "American Doll Posse"]03:18
23Black-Dove (January) [from the "From the Choirgirl Hotel"]04:38
24Bliss [from the "Tales of a Librarian"] 
25Bliss [from the "To Venus and Back"]03:42
26Blood Roses [from the "Boys for Pele"]03:56
27Body And Soul (Pip and Santa) [from the "American Doll Posse"]03:56
28Bouncing Off Clouds (Clyde, with Santa on background vocals) [from the "American Doll Posse"]04:08
29Cactus Practice [from the "Night of Hunters"]04:32
30Carbon [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]04:35
31Carnival - Tori Amos [from the "Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)"] 
32Carry [from the "Night of Hunters"]04:07
33Cars And Guitars [from the "The Beekeeper"]03:45
34Caught a Lite Sneeze [from the "Boys for Pele"]04:26
35China [from the "Little Earthquakes"]05:00
36Cloud On My Tongue [from the "Under the Pink"]04:43
37Cloud On My Tongue [from the "To Venus and Back"]04:58
38Cloud On My Tongue [from the "Gold Dust"]04:24
39Code Red (Tori, with Pip on background vocals) [from the "American Doll Posse"]05:27
40Concertina [from the "To Venus and Back"]03:56
41Cooling [from the "To Venus and Back"]05:09
42Cornflake Girl [from the "Tales of a Librarian"]05:06
43Cornflake Girl [from the "Under the Pink"]05:07
44Cornflake Girl [from the "To Venus and Back"]06:32
45Crazy [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]04:27
46Crucify [from the "Tales of a Librarian"] 
47Crucify [from the "Little Earthquakes"]04:59
48Cruel [from the "From the Choirgirl Hotel"]04:07
49Cruel [from the "To Venus and Back"]06:47
50Curtain Call [from the "Abnormally Attracted to Sin"]04:53
51Dark Side Of The Sun (Isabel, with Tori on background vocals) [from the "American Doll Posse"]04:19
52Datura [from the "To Venus and Back"]08:25
53Devilsand Gods (Isabel) [from the "American Doll Posse"]00:53
54Digital Ghost (Tori, with Clyde on background vocals) [from the "American Doll Posse"]03:50
55Don't Make Me Come To Vegas [from the "Scarlet's Walk"]04:52
56Doughnut Song [from the "Boys for Pele"]04:20
57Dragon (Santa) [from the "American Doll Posse"]05:03
58Edge of the Moon [from the "Night of Hunters"]04:56
59Enjoy the Silence (by Depeche Mode) [from the "Strange Little Girls"]04:10
60Fast Horse [from the "Abnormally Attracted to Sin"]03:54

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an American pianist, singer-songwriter and composer.

She is a classically trained musician and possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range. []


  • Piano rock,
  • Art pop,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Electronica
  • Crucify by Tori Amos

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