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The Fabulous Little Richard by Little Richard [1959] [album editions]

The Fabulous Little Richard (Little Richard)

Track listing

1Shake a Hand
2Chicken Little Baby
3All Night Long
4The Most I Can Offer
5Lonesome and Blue
7She Knows How To Rock
8Kansas City
9Directly From My Heart
10Maybe I'm Right
11Early One Morning
12I'm Just A Lonely Guy
13Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

Little Richard albums

1Good Golly Miss Molly[ 1973 ]
2Greatest Hits[ 1990 ]
3Here's Little Richard[ 1983 ]
4Lifetime Friend[ 1986 ]
5Little Richard[ 1958 ]
6Little Richard Is Back[ 1964 ]
7Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka[ 1992 ]
8Little Richard's Greatest Hits[ 1965 ]
9Little Richard's Greatest Hits: Recorded Live![ 1967 ]
10Mr. Big[ 1971 ]
11Pray Along with Little Richard[ 1960 ]
12Shake It All About[ 1992 ]
13Southern Child[ 1972 ]
14The Explosive Little Richard[ 1967 ]
15The Fabulous Little Richard[ 1959 ]
16The Incredible Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits – Live![ 1967 ]
17The King of Rock and Roll[ 1971 ]
18The Rill Thing[ 1970 ]
19The Second Coming[ 1972 ]
1Good Golly Miss Molly (Little Richard)
2Greatest Hits (Little Richard)
3Here's Little Richard (Little Richard)
4Lifetime Friend (Little Richard)
5Little Richard (Little Richard)
6Little Richard Is Back (Little Richard)
7Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka (Little Richard)
8Little Richard's Greatest Hits (Little Richard)
9Little Richard's Greatest Hits: Recorded Live! (Little Richard)
10Mr. Big (Little Richard)
11Pray Along with Little Richard (Little Richard)
12Shake It All About (Little Richard)
13Southern Child (Little Richard)
14The Explosive Little Richard (Little Richard)
15The Fabulous Little Richard (Little Richard)
16The Incredible Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits – Live! (Little Richard)
17The King of Rock and Roll (Little Richard)
18The Rill Thing (Little Richard)
19The Second Coming (Little Richard)

Little Richard songs

121Lovesick Blues [from the "The Rill Thing"]04:34
122Lucille [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:30
123Lucille [from the "Good Golly Miss Molly"]02:23
124Lucille [from the "Little Richard"]02:24
125Lucille [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits"]02:16
126Lucille [from the "The Incredible Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits – Live!"]02:38
127Lucille [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits: Recorded Live!"]02:03
128Lucille [from the "Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka"]03:49
129Maybe I'm Right [from the "The Fabulous Little Richard"]02:09
130Memories Are Made Of This [from the "Little Richard Is Back"]02:16
131Midnight Special [from the "The King of Rock and Roll"]04:02
132Milky White Way [from the "Pray Along with Little Richard"]03:20
133Miss Ann [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:19
134Miss Ann [from the "Here's Little Richard"]02:14
135Miss Ann [from the "Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka"]04:43
136Mockingbird Sally [from the "The Second Coming"]03:41
137Money (That's What I Want) [from the "The Explosive Little Richard"]02:02
138Money Honey [from the "Little Richard Is Back"]02:23
139My Wheels They Are Slippin' Al [from the "Mr. Big"]02:27
140Need Him [from the "Pray Along with Little Richard"]02:31
141Never Gonna Let You Go [from the "The Explosive Little Richard"]02:42
142Nuki Suki [from the "The Second Coming"]05:32
143Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? [from the "Shake It All About"]02:15
144Oh Why [from the "Here's Little Richard"]02:06
145Old MacDonald Had a Farm [from the "Shake It All About"]03:59
146On Top of Spaghetti [from the "Shake It All About"]02:56
147One ray of Sunshine [from the "Lifetime Friend"]04:39
148Only You [from the "Little Richard Is Back"]02:29
149Only You (And You Alone) [from the "Good Golly Miss Molly"]02:23
150Ooh! My Soul [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:14
151Ooh! My Soul [from the "Good Golly Miss Molly"]02:15
152Ooh! My Soul [from the "Little Richard"]01:55
153Ooh! My Soul [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits"]02:17
154Operator [from the "Lifetime Friend"]04:50
155Over Yonder [from the "Southern Child"]03:55
156Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail) [from the "The Explosive Little Richard"]03:06
157Precious Lord [from the "Pray Along with Little Richard"]03:07
158Prophet Of Peace [from the "The Second Coming"]03:19
159Puppy Dog Song [from the "Southern Child"]08:40
160Ready Teddy [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:09
161Ready Teddy [from the "Here's Little Richard"]02:07
162Ready Teddy [from the "The Incredible Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits – Live!"]00:42
163Ready Teddy [from the "Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka"]03:32
164Rip It Up [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:23
165Rip It Up [from the "Good Golly Miss Molly"]01:59
166Rip It Up [from the "Here's Little Richard"]02:20
167Rip It Up [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits"]02:02
168Rip It Up [from the "Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka"]03:10
169Rockin' Rockin' Boogie [from the "The Second Coming"]05:29
170Sanctified, Satisfied Toe-Tapper [from the "The Second Coming"]07:12
171Saturday Night Rock (Rip it up) [from the "The Incredible Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits – Live!"]00:42
172Search Me Lord [from the "Pray Along with Little Richard"]02:13
173Second Line [from the "The Second Coming"]04:50
174Send Me Some Lovin' [from the "Greatest Hits"]02:26
175Send Me Some Lovin' [from the "Little Richard"]02:21
176Send Me Some Lovin' [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits"]02:19
177Send Me Some Lovin' [from the "Little Richard's Greatest Hits: Recorded Live!"]02:12
178Send Me Some Lovin' [from the "Little Richard Meets Masayoshi Takanaka"]03:32
179Settin' the Woods on Fire [from the "The King of Rock and Roll"]02:22
180Shake a Hand [from the "The Fabulous Little Richard"]02:52

Little Richard

Little Richard

Richard Wayne Penniman, known by his stage name Little Richard, is an American singer and songwriter.


  • Rock and roll,
  • R&B,
  • Soul,
  • Gospel
  • Shake a Hand by Little Richard

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