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Best of Nouvelle Vague by Nouvelle Vague [2010] [album editions]

Best of Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)

Track listing

1I Melt With You
2Just Can't Get Enough
3Ever Fallen In Love
4Master And Servant
5Love Will Tear Us Apart
7Guns Of Brixton
8Teenage Kicks
9All My Colours
10Making Plans For Nigel
11Blue Monday
12Dancing With Myself
13In a Manner of Speaking
14Our Lips Are Sealed
15Too Drunk To Fuck

Nouvelle Vague albums

13[ 2009 ]
2Bande a Part[ 2006 ]
3Best of Nouvelle Vague[ 2010 ]
4Couleurs sur Paris[ 2010 ]
5Nouvelle Vague[ 2004 ]
13 (Nouvelle Vague)
2Bande a Part (Nouvelle Vague)
3Best of Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)
4Couleurs sur Paris (Nouvelle Vague)
5Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)

Nouvelle Vague songs

12 People in a Room (ft. Cocoon) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:29
2A Forest [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:39
3All My Colours [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:57
4All My Colours (ft. Ian McCulloch) [from the "3"]03:57
5Amoureux Solitaires (ft. Hugh Coltman) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:09
6Anne Cherchait L'Amour (ft. Julien Dore) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:46
7Aussi Belle Ou Une Balle [from the "3"]03:32
8Bela Lugosis Dead [from the "Bande a Part"]04:00
9Blister in the Sun [from the "3"]03:11
10Blue Monday [from the "Bande a Part"]03:06
11Blue Monday [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:05
12Ca Plane Pour Moi [from the "3"]03:22
13Dance With Me [from the "Bande a Part"]03:38
14Dancing With Myself [from the "Bande a Part"]03:08
15Dancing With Myself [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:12
16Dereglee (ft. Melanie Pain) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:36
17Don't Go [from the "Bande a Part"]03:43
18Eisbaer [from the "Bande a Part"]03:40
19Escape Myself [from the "Bande a Part"]03:43
20Ever Fallen In Love [from the "Bande a Part"]03:19
21Ever Fallen In Love [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:22
22Fade To Grey [from the "Bande a Part"]04:45
23Friday Night Saturday Morning [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:23
24God Save the Queen [from the "3"]02:46
25Guns Of Brixton [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:06
26Guns Of Brixton [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:08
27Heart Of Glass [from the "Bande a Part"]03:34
28Heaven [from the "3"]04:08
29Heaven [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:07
30Human Fly [from the "Bande a Part"]02:49
31I Melt With You [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:00
32I Melt With You [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:03
33In a Manner of Speaking [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:58
34In a Manner of Speaking [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:58
35Just Can't Get Enough [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:07
36Just Can't Get Enough [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:09
37L'Aventurier (ft. Helena Noguerra & Louis Ronan Choisy) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]04:22
38Let Me Go [from the "Bande a Part"]03:53
39Love Will Tear Us Apart [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:18
40Love Will Tear Us Apart [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:19
41Making Plans For Nigel [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:32
42Making Plans For Nigel [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:33
43Mala Vida (ft. Olivia Ruiz) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:38
44Marcia Baila (ft. Adrienne Pauly) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]04:17
45Marian [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:53
46Master And Servant [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:20
47Master and Servant (ft. Martin Gore) [from the "3"]03:19
48Metal [from the "3"]03:47
49Not Knowing [from the "3"]03:03
50O Pamela [from the "Bande a Part"]04:26
51Ophelie (ft. Yelle) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:28
52Oublions L'Amerique (ft. Nadeah Miranda) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:26
53Our Lips Are Sealed [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:29
54Our Lips Are Sealed (ft. Terry Hall) [from the "3"]03:29
55Parade (ft. Barry Adamson) [from the "3"]04:03
56Psyche [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:12
57Putain Putain (ft. Camille) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:09
58Road to Nowhere [from the "3"]03:11
59Sandy Sandy (ft. Soko) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:44
60Say Hello, Wave Goodbye [from the "3"]04:59

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague is a French band.


  • Lounge,
  • Pop,
  • New Wave,
  • Bossa nova
  • In a Manner of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague

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