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Real Life by Jeff Carson [2001] [album editions]

Real Life (Jeff Carson)

Track listing

1Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again)
2You're My One And Only Love
3Until We Fall Back in Love Again
4I Almost Never Loved You
5Shine On
6Where Did I Go So Right
7What's Not to Love
8Divine Intervention
9It Wouldn't Kill Me
10Scars and All

Jeff Carson albums

1Butterfly Kisses[ 1997 ]
2Jeff Carson[ 1995 ]
3Real Life[ 2001 ]
1Butterfly Kisses (Jeff Carson)
2Jeff Carson (Jeff Carson)
3Real Life (Jeff Carson)

Jeff Carson songs

1As One As Two Can Get [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:13
2Betty's Takin' Judo [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:59
3Butterfly Kisses [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:59
4Butterfly Kisses , Daddy's Little Girl (ft. Kippi Brannon) [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]04:19
5Cheatin' On Her Heart [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:17
6Definite Possibilities [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:47
7Divine Intervention [from the "Real Life"]03:19
8Do It Again [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:41
9Get a Guitar [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:46
10Hangin' By A Thread [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:14
11Here's the Deal [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:55
12Holdin' on to Something [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:51
13I Almost Never Loved You [from the "Real Life"]03:48
14If I Ain't Got You [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:51
15If You Wanna Get To Heaven [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:12
16It Wouldn't Kill Me [from the "Real Life"]03:15
17Me Too [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:11
18Not on Your Love [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:21
19Preachin' to the Choir [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:43
20Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again) [from the "Real Life"]04:24
21Scars and All [from the "Real Life"]03:52
22She's The One [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:09
23Shine On [from the "Real Life"]03:32
24That Last Mile [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:15
25The Car [from the "Jeff Carson"]03:32
26The Stone [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:35
27Today I Started Loving You Again (ft. Merle Haggard) [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]03:45
28Try Bein' Me [from the "Butterfly Kisses"]04:00
29Until We Fall Back in Love Again [from the "Real Life"]03:52
30What's Not to Love [from the "Real Life"]03:03
31Where Did I Go So Right [from the "Real Life"]03:39
32Yeah Buddy [from the "Jeff Carson"]02:26
33You're My One And Only Love [from the "Real Life"]04:21

Jeff Carson

Jeff Carson

Jeffrey Lee Herndon, known as Jeff Carson, is a retired American country music artist. []


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  • Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again) by Jeff Carson

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