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Primitive Epic by Bobaflex [2003] [album editions]

Primitive Epic (Bobaflex)

Track listing

1Bobaflex Warriors
2Midnight Nation
3What Was It Like?
5Tears Drip
6The Predicament
7Space Case
8Turn The Heat Up
9Rise Again
10Doom Walker

Bobaflex albums

1Apologize for Nothing[ 2005 ]
2Chemical Valley[ 2010 ]
3Hell in my Heart[ 2011 ]
4Primitive Epic[ 2003 ]
5Tales From Dirt Town[ 2007 ]
1Apologize for Nothing (Bobaflex)
2Chemical Valley (Bobaflex)
3Hell in my Heart (Bobaflex)
4Primitive Epic (Bobaflex)
5Tales From Dirt Town (Bobaflex)

Bobaflex songs

1Be with You [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:05
2Better Than Me [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:36
3Bobaflex Warriors [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:51
4Born Again [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:58
5Bright Red Violent Sex [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:50
6Bullseye [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:42
7Bury Me With My Guns [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:35
8Bury Me With My Guns [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:34
9Chemical Valley [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:34
10Chemical Valley [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:33
11Dangerous [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:13
12Don't Lie Down With Dogs [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:01
13Doom Walker [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:22
14Empty Man [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:00
15Family [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:44
16Goodbye [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:31
17Got You Trapped [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:34
18Guardian [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:27
19Guns Ablazin' [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:08
20Hate You [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:08
21Hell In My Heart (Intro) [from the "Hell in my Heart"]00:52
22Home [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:49
23Home [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:17
24I Hate You More Than I Hate Myself [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:07
25I Still Believe [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:51
26Last Song [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:42
27Last Song [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:42
28Low-Life [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:21
29Medicine [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:31
30Medicine [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:28
31Midnight Nation [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:01
32Need a Drink [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:19
33On That Night [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:32
34One Bad Day [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:25
35Paranoid [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:15
36Playing Dead [from the "Hell in my Heart"]04:08
37Pretty Razors (Live) [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:50
38Rescue You [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:47
39Rise [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:06
40Rise [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:06
41Rise Again [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:41
42Satisfied [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:01
43Savior [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:54
44Sellout [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]02:41
45Sing [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:17
46Six Feet Under [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:03
47Slave [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:29
48Slave [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:44
49Space Case [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:19
50Tears Drip [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:02
51That Old Speed [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:31
52The Predicament [from the "Primitive Epic"]01:54
53Turn The Heat Up [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:27
54Turn The Heat Up [from the "Primitive Epic"]01:58
55Vampire [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:31
56What Was It Like? [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:55
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