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Chemical Valley by Bobaflex [2010]

Chemical Valley (Bobaflex)

Track listing

1Chemical Valley
2Bury Me With My Guns
4Last Song
7I Hate You More Than I Hate Myself

Bobaflex albums

1Apologize for Nothing[ 2005 ]
2Chemical Valley[ 2010 ]
3Hell in my Heart[ 2011 ]
4Primitive Epic[ 2003 ]
5Tales From Dirt Town[ 2007 ]
1Apologize for Nothing (Bobaflex)
2Chemical Valley (Bobaflex)
3Hell in my Heart (Bobaflex)
4Primitive Epic (Bobaflex)
5Tales From Dirt Town (Bobaflex)

Bobaflex songs

1Be with You [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:05
2Better Than Me [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:36
3Bobaflex Warriors [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:51
4Born Again [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:58
5Bright Red Violent Sex [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:50
6Bullseye [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:42
7Bury Me With My Guns [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:35
8Bury Me With My Guns [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:34
9Chemical Valley [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:34
10Chemical Valley [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:33
11Dangerous [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:13
12Don't Lie Down With Dogs [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:01
13Doom Walker [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:22
14Empty Man [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:00
15Family [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:44
16Goodbye [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:31
17Got You Trapped [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:34
18Guardian [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:27
19Guns Ablazin' [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:08
20Hate You [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:08
21Hell In My Heart (Intro) [from the "Hell in my Heart"]00:52
22Home [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:49
23Home [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:17
24I Hate You More Than I Hate Myself [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:07
25I Still Believe [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:51
26Last Song [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:42
27Last Song [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:42
28Low-Life [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:21
29Medicine [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:31
30Medicine [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:28
31Midnight Nation [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:01
32Need a Drink [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:19
33On That Night [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:32
34One Bad Day [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:25
35Paranoid [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:15
36Playing Dead [from the "Hell in my Heart"]04:08
37Pretty Razors (Live) [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:50
38Rescue You [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:47
39Rise [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:06
40Rise [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:06
41Rise Again [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:41
42Satisfied [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:01
43Savior [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]03:54
44Sellout [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]02:41
45Sing [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:17
46Six Feet Under [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]03:03
47Slave [from the "Chemical Valley"]03:29
48Slave [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:44
49Space Case [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:19
50Tears Drip [from the "Primitive Epic"]03:02
51That Old Speed [from the "Tales From Dirt Town"]04:31
52The Predicament [from the "Primitive Epic"]01:54
53Turn The Heat Up [from the "Apologize for Nothing"]02:27
54Turn The Heat Up [from the "Primitive Epic"]01:58
55Vampire [from the "Hell in my Heart"]03:31
56What Was It Like? [from the "Primitive Epic"]02:55
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