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As the Palaces Burn by Lamb of God [2003] [album editions]

As the Palaces Burn (Lamb of God)

Track listing

2As The Palaces Burn
411th Hour
5For Your Malice
6Boot Scraper
7A Devil In God's Country
8In Defense Of Our Good Name
9Blood Junkie

Lamb of God albums

1As the Palaces Burn[ 2003 ]
2Ashes of the Wake[ 2004 ]
3Burn The Priest[ 2005 ]
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
5Killadelphia[ 2005 ]
6New American Gospel[ 2000 ]
7Resolution[ 2012 ]
8Sacrament[ 2006 ]
9Wrath[ 2009 ]
1As the Palaces Burn (Lamb of God)
2Ashes of the Wake (Lamb of God)
3Burn The Priest (Lamb of God)
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Killadelphia (Lamb of God)
6New American Gospel (Lamb of God)
7Resolution (Lamb of God)
8Sacrament (Lamb of God)
9Wrath (Lamb of God)

Lamb of God songs

111th Hour [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]03:44
211th Hour [from the "Killadelphia"]03:46
311th Hour - Lamb Of God [from the "Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)"] 
4A Devil In God's Country [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]03:14
5A Warning [from the "New American Gospel"]02:23
6Again We Rise [from the "Sacrament"]04:30
7As The Palaces Burn [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]02:24
8As the Palaces Burn [from the "Killadelphia"]03:28
9Ashes Of The Wake [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]05:45
10Barbaraosa [from the "Resolution"]01:37
11Beating On Deaths Door [from the "Sacrament"]05:07
12Black Label [from the "New American Gospel"]04:52
13Black Label [from the "Killadelphia"]04:57
14Blacken The Cursed Sun [from the "Sacrament"]05:28
15Blood Junkie [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]04:23
16Blood Of The Scribe [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]04:23
17Bloodletting [from the "Burn The Priest"]01:57
18Bloodletting [from the "Killadelphia"]02:17
19Boot Scraper [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]04:34
20Break You [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]03:35
21Broken Hands [from the "Wrath"]03:53
22Buckeye [from the "Burn The Priest"]03:57
23Cheated [from the "Resolution"]02:34
24Choke Sermon [from the "Wrath"]03:20
25Chronic Auditory Hallucination [from the "Burn The Priest"]03:53
26Confessional [from the "New American Gospel"]04:01
27Contractor [from the "Wrath"]03:22
28Dead Seeds [from the "Wrath"]03:41
29Departure Hymn [from the "Burn The Priest"]02:39
30Descending [from the "Sacrament"]03:35
31Desolation [from the "Resolution"]03:55
32Dimera [from the "Burn The Priest"]02:27
33Duane [from the "Burn The Priest"]02:17
34Everything to Nothing [from the "Wrath"]03:50
35Fake Messiah [from the "Wrath"]04:34
36Foot To The Throat [from the "Sacrament"]03:13
37For Your Malice [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]03:43
38Forgotten (Lost Angels) [from the "Sacrament"]03:05
39Ghost Walking [from the "Resolution"]04:27
40Goatfish [from the "Burn The Priest"]02:23
41Grace [from the "Wrath"]03:55
42Guilty [from the "Resolution"]03:25
43Hourglass [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]04:00
44Hourglass [from the "Killadelphia"]03:48
45In Defense Of Our Good Name [from the "As the Palaces Burn"]04:10
46In the Absence of the Sacred [from the "New American Gospel"]04:36
47In Your Words [from the "Wrath"]05:24
48Insurrection [from the "Resolution"]04:50
49Intro [from the "Killadelphia"]02:01
50Invictus [from the "Resolution"]04:15
51King Me [from the "Resolution"]06:37
52Laid To Rest [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]03:50
53Laid to Rest [from the "Killadelphia"]03:50
54Lame [from the "Burn The Priest"]01:51
55Letter to the Unborn [from the "New American Gospel"]02:56
56Lies Of Autumn [from the "Burn The Priest"]04:47
57More Time To Kill [from the "Sacrament"]03:37
58Now You've Got Something To Die For [from the "Ashes of the Wake"]03:39
59Now You've Got Something to Die For [from the "Killadelphia"]03:39
60O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E. [from the "New American Gospel"]05:14

Lamb of God - top artists list [#341]

Lamb of God

Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 1994.

Lamb of God has been labeled as a groove metal and thrash metal band. []


  • Groove metal,
  • Metalcore
  • As The Palaces Burn - one of the best Lamb of God songs, top songs list [#1755]

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