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Saturday Night Wrist by Deftones [2006] [album editions]

Saturday Night Wrist (Deftones)

Track listing

1Hole In The Earth
4Cherry Waves
6U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
8Rats! Rats! Rats!
9Pink Cellphone (ft. Annie Hardy)

Deftones albums

1Adrenaline[ 1995 ]
2Around the Fur[ 1997 ]
3Back To School (Mini Maggit)[ 2001 ]
4B-Sides & Rarities[ 2005 ]
5Deftones[ 2003 ]
6Diamond Eyes[ 2010 ]
7Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
8Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
9Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
10Saturday Night Wrist[ 2006 ]
11The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture[ 1999 ]
12White Pony[ 2000 ]
1Adrenaline (Deftones)
2Around the Fur (Deftones)
3Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Deftones)
4B-Sides & Rarities (Deftones)
5Deftones (Deftones)
6Diamond Eyes (Deftones)
7Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
10Saturday Night Wrist (Deftones)
11The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture (Various artists)
12White Pony (Deftones)

Deftones songs

17 Words [from the "Adrenaline"]03:43
2976-EVIL [from the "Diamond Eyes"]04:32
3Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event [from the "Deftones"]03:57
4Around The Fur [from the "Around the Fur"]03:31
5Back To School (Mini Maggit) [from the "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"]03:57
6Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Live) [from the "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"]03:56
7Battle-Axe [from the "Deftones"]05:01
8Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) [from the "Around the Fur"]05:08
9Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic) [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]04:32
10Beauty School [from the "Diamond Eyes"]04:44
11Beware [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]06:00
12Birthmark [from the "Adrenaline"]04:18
13Black Moon (ft. B-Real of Cypress Hill) [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]03:18
14Bloody Cape [from the "Deftones"]03:37
15Bored [from the "Adrenaline"]04:06
16Caress (Drive Like Jehu cover) [from the "Diamond Eyes"]03:34
17Change - Deftones [from the "Queen of the Damned (Soundtrack)"] 
18Change (In The House of Flies) [from the "White Pony"]05:01
19Change (In The House of Flies) (Acoustic) [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]05:16
20Change (In The House of Flies) (Acoustic) [from the "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"]04:58
21Cherry Waves [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]05:17
22CMND/CTRL [from the "Diamond Eyes"]02:24
23Combat [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]04:46
24Crenshaw Punch / I'll Throw Rocks At You [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]04:49
25Dai The Flu [from the "Around the Fur"]04:36
26Deathblow [from the "Deftones"]05:28
27Diamond Eyes [from the "Diamond Eyes"]03:08
28Digital Bath [from the "White Pony"]04:15
29Digital Bath (Live Acoustic) [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]04:48
30Do You Believe (The Cardigans cover) [from the "Diamond Eyes"]03:28
31Drive [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]04:50
32Elite [from the "White Pony"]04:01
33Engine No. 9 [from the "Adrenaline"]03:25
34Feiticeira [from the "White Pony"]03:09
35Feiticeira (Live) [from the "Back To School (Mini Maggit)"]03:08
36Fireal [from the "Adrenaline"]06:35
37Fist [from the "Adrenaline"]03:35
38Ghosts (Japan cover) [from the "Diamond Eyes"]04:27
39Good Morning Beautiful [from the "Deftones"]03:28
40Headup [from the "Around the Fur"]05:13
41Hexagram [from the "Deftones"]04:09
42Hole In The Earth [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]04:09
43If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Live - The Cure cover) [from the "B-Sides & Rarities"]05:07
44Kimdracula [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]03:15
45Knife Prty [from the "White Pony"]04:49
46Korea [from the "White Pony"]03:23
47Lhabia [from the "Around the Fur"]04:11
48Lifter [from the "Adrenaline"]04:43
49Lotion [from the "Around the Fur"]03:57
50Lucky You [from the "Deftones"]04:10
51Lucky You - Deftones [from the "Matrix Reloaded (Soundtrack)"]04:08
52Mascara [from the "Around the Fur"]03:45
53Mein [from the "Saturday Night Wrist"]03:59
54Minerva [from the "Deftones"]04:17
55Minus Blindfold [from the "Adrenaline"]04:04
56Moana [from the "Deftones"]05:02
57MX [from the "Around the Fur"]37:18
58My Own Summer (Shove It) [from the "Around the Fur"]03:35
59My Own Summer (Shove It) - Deftones [from the "The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture"]03:34
60Needles and Pins [from the "Deftones"]03:23



Deftones is an alternative metal band from Sacramento, California.

Deftones have often been praised as one of the more innovative and unique rock bands of recent years.


  • Alternative metal
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