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Pop Life by David Guetta [2007] [album editions]

Pop Life (David Guetta)

Track listing

1Baby When the Light (ft. Cozi)
2Love Is Gone (ft. Chris Willis)
3Everytime We Touch (& Chris Willis with Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso)
4Delirious (ft. Tara Mc Donald)
5Tomorrow Can Wait (& Chris Willis vs. El Tocadisco)
6Winner of the Game (ft. JD Davis)
7Do Something Love (ft. Juliet)
8You're Not Alone (ft. Tara McDonald)
9Never Take Away My Freedom (ft. Chris Willis)
10This Is Not a Love Song (ft. JD Davis)
11Always (ft. JD Davis)
12Joan of Arc (ft. Thailand)
13Love Is Gone (ft. Chris Willis) (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit Remix)
14Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) (ft. Chris Willis vs. The Egg)

David Guetta albums

1Baby When the Light[ 2007 ]
2Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack[ 2015 ]
3Guetta Blaster[ 2004 ]
4Just a Little More Love[ 2002 ]
5Listen[ 2014 ]
6Nothing but the Beat[ 2011 ]
7Now Autumn 2008[ 2008 ]
8One Love[ 2009 ]
9One More Love[ 2010 ]
10Pop Life[ 2007 ]
11The World is Mine[ 2004 ]
12When Love Takes Over[ 2009 ]
1Baby When the Light (David Guetta)
2Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Various artists)
3Guetta Blaster (David Guetta)
4Just a Little More Love (David Guetta)
5Listen (David Guetta)
6Nothing but the Beat (David Guetta)
7Now Autumn 2008 (Various artists)
8One Love (David Guetta)
9One More Love (David Guetta)
10Pop Life (David Guetta)
11The World is Mine (David Guetta)
12When Love Takes Over (David Guetta)

David Guetta songs

61Little Bad Girl (ft. Taio Cruz and Ludacris) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:12
62Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Edit) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:02
63Louder Than Words (ft. Niles Mason) (Radio Edit) [from the "One More Love"]03:06
64Love Don't Let Me Go (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Just a Little More Love"]03:36
65Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) [from the "One More Love"]03:11
66Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) (ft. Chris Willis vs. The Egg) [from the "Pop Life"]03:16
67Love Is Gone (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Pop Life"]03:06
68Love Is Gone (ft. Chris Willis) (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit Remix) [from the "Pop Life"]03:21
69Love Is Gone (Original Mix) [from the "One More Love"]03:06
70Lovers on the Sun (ft. Sam Martin) [from the "Listen"]03:23
71Lunar (David Guetta & Afrojack) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]05:16
72Memories (ft. Kid Cudi) [from the "One Love"]03:29
73Memories (ft. Kid Cudi) [from the "One More Love"]03:30
74Metro Music [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:13
75Missing You (ft. Novel) [from the "One Love"]03:08
76Missing You (ft. Novel) [from the "One More Love"]03:05
77Missing You (ft. Novel) (New Version) [from the "One More Love"]03:05
78Money (ft. Chris Willis & Mone) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]03:07
79Movement Girl (ft. James Perry) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]04:03
80Never Take Away My Freedom (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Pop Life"]04:09
81Night of Your Life (ft. Jennifer Hudson) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:42
82No Money No Love (with Showtek ft. Elliphant and Ms. Dynamite) [from the "Listen"]03:57
83Nothing Really Matters (ft. [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:39
84On The Dancefloor (ft. Will.I.Am & Apl de Ap) [from the "One Love"]03:45
85On The Dancefloor (ft. & Apl.De.Ap) [from the "One More Love"]03:46
86One Love (ft. Estelle) [from the "One Love"]04:00
87One Love (ft. Estelle) [from the "One More Love"]04:01
88Open Your Eyes (ft. Stereo MCs) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]04:17
89Paris [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:40
90People Come People Go (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Just a Little More Love"]03:19
91Repeat (ft. Jessie J) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:26
92Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta feat. Lil' Wayne) (One Love Remix) [from the "One More Love"]03:18
93Rise (ft. Skylar Grey) [from the "Listen"]03:55
94S.T.O.P (ft. Ryan Tedder) [from the "Listen"]03:34
95Sexy 17 (ft. Juan Rozof) [from the "Just a Little More Love"]03:27
96Sexy Bitch (ft. Akon) [from the "One Love"]03:16
97Sexy Bitch (ft. Akon) (Chuckie & Lil Jon Remix) (Edit) [from the "One More Love"]03:32
98Sexy Bitch (ft. Akon) (Explicit) [from the "One More Love"]03:15
99Shot Me Down (ft. Skylar Grey) [from the "Listen"]03:11
100Sound Of Letting Go (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "One Love"]03:46
101Sound Of Letting Go (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "One More Love"]03:47
102Stay (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]03:32
103Sun Goes Down (with Showtek ft. Magic! and Sonny Wilson) [from the "Listen"]03:32
104Sunshine (David Guetta & Avicii) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]06:00
105Sweat (Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:17
106The Alphabeat [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:29
107The Future [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:16
108The Whisperer (ft. Sia) [from the "Listen"]03:54
109The World is Mine (Blackstrobe Remix) [from the "The World is Mine"]08:10
110The World is Mine (Claraman Dub) [from the "The World is Mine"]08:37
111The World is Mine (Deep Dish Remix) [from the "The World is Mine"]09:16
112The World Is Mine (ft. JD Davis) [from the "One More Love"]03:39
113The World Is Mine (ft. JD Davis) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]03:39
114The World is Mine (Fuck Me Im Famous Remix) [from the "The World is Mine"]08:12
115The World is Mine (Radio Edit) [from the "The World is Mine"]03:10
116This Is Not a Love Song (ft. JD Davis) [from the "Pop Life"]03:46
117Time (ft. Chris Willis) [from the "Guetta Blaster"]04:08
118Titanium (ft. Sia) [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]04:05
119Tomorrow Can Wait (& Chris Willis vs. El Tocadisco) [from the "Pop Life"]03:33
120Toy Story [from the "Nothing but the Beat"]03:45

David Guetta - top artists list [#78]

David Guetta

David Guetta is a French house producer and DJ.

Guetta has sold over three million albums and 15 million singles worldwide.

He is currently one of the most sought-after music producers.


  • House,
  • pop,
  • hip hop
  • Love Is Gone (ft. Chris Willis) - one of the best David Guetta songs, top songs list [#1795]

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