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Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children by Mushroomhead [2010] [album editions]

Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (Mushroomhead)

Track listing

1Come On
3Slaughterhouse Road
4I'll Be Here
5Burn The Bridge
6Holes in the Void (ft. Joe Altier and Sarah Sloan)
7Harvest The Garden
8The Harm You Do
9Your Demise
10The Feel
11Darker Days
12Do I Know You?

Mushroomhead albums

1Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children[ 2010 ]
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
3M3[ 1999 ]
4Mushroomhead[ 1995 ]
5Savior Sorrow[ 2006 ]
6Superbuick[ 1996 ]
7The Righteous & the Butterfly[ 2014 ]
8The Scorpion King (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
9XIII[ 2003 ]
1Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (Mushroomhead)
2Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3M3 (Mushroomhead)
4Mushroomhead (Mushroomhead)
5Savior Sorrow (Mushroomhead)
6Superbuick (Mushroomhead)
7The Righteous & the Butterfly (Mushroomhead)
8The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9XIII (Mushroomhead)

Mushroomhead songs

112 Hundred [from the "Savior Sorrow"]03:21
22nd Thoughts [from the "Mushroomhead"]03:41
343 [from the "Mushroomhead"]04:49
4Almost Gone [from the "XIII"]04:01
5Along The Way [from the "XIII"]03:18
6Along The Way - Mushroomhead [from the "The Scorpion King (Soundtrack)"] 
7Beauteous [from the "M3"]03:11
8Becoming Cold (216) [from the "XIII"]04:25
9Before I Die [from the "M3"]03:13
10Big Brother [from the "Superbuick"]05:16
11Born of Desire [from the "M3"]04:02
12Burn [from the "Savior Sorrow"]02:53
13Burn (Original Recording) [from the "Savior Sorrow"]02:41
14Burn The Bridge [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]05:10
15Bwomp [from the "Superbuick"]06:14
16Bwomp (Reprise) [from the "Superbuick"]03:49
17Casualties in B Minor [from the "Mushroomhead"]01:15
18Chancre Sore [from the "Superbuick"]02:35
19Childlike (ft. Jus Mic of 10.000 Cadillacs) [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]01:45
20Come On [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]04:07
21Conflict - the Argument Goes On... [from the "M3"]02:41
22Crazy [from the "XIII"]04:07
23Cut Me [from the "Savior Sorrow"]05:24
24Damage Done [from the "Savior Sorrow"]03:40
25Darker Days [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]03:46
26Destroy The World Around Me [from the "XIII"]08:21
27Devils Be Damned [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:16
28Do I Know You? [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]02:46
29Ego Tripp [from the "Mushroomhead"]06:05
30Elevation [from the "Mushroomhead"]03:33
31Embrace The Ending [from the "Savior Sorrow"]04:56
32Episode 29 [from the "Mushroomhead"]03:37
33Erase The Doubt [from the "Savior Sorrow"]04:16
34Eternal [from the "XIII"]03:12
35Exploiting Your Weakness [from the "M3"]04:21
36Fear Held Dear [from the "Superbuick"]02:38
37Flattened [from the "Superbuick"]03:31
38For Your Pleasure [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]04:12
39Graveyard Du Jour [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:20
40Harvest The Garden [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]04:34
41Holes in the Void (ft. Joe Altier and Sarah Sloan) [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]04:45
42How Many Times [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]04:50
43Idle Worship [from the "Superbuick"]05:12
44I'll Be Here [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]04:36
45Indifferent [from the "Mushroomhead"]04:46
46Inevitable [from the "M3"]05:02
47Inspiration [from the "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children"]03:46
48Intermission [from the "Mushroomhead"]02:03
49Just Pretending [from the "Savior Sorrow"]04:12
50Kill Tomorrow [from the "XIII"]03:44
51Mommy [from the "Mushroomhead"]05:08
52Mother Machine Gun [from the "XIII"]04:16
53Never Let It Go [from the "Superbuick"]04:38
54Nowhere To Go [from the "XIII"]03:42
55One More Day (ft. Devon Gorman) [from the "XIII"]03:36
56Our Apologies [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:24
57Our Own Way (ft. Devon Gorman) [from the "XIII"]03:40
58Out of My Mind [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:35
59Portraits of the People [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:31
60Qwerty [from the "The Righteous & the Butterfly"]03:30

Mushroomhead - top artists list [#279]


Mushroomhead is an American industrial metal band from Cleveland, Ohio.

Formed in 1993 in Cleveland Warehouse District, the band's music can be described as a synthesis of alternative music, heavy metal, and electro-industrial. []


  • Alternative metal,
  • Industrial metal,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Electro-industrial
  • Come On - one of the best Mushroomhead songs, top songs list [#1414]

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