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Strange Highways by Dio [1994] [album editions]

Strange Highways (Dio)

Track listing

1Jesus, Mary and The Holy Ghost
3Strange Highways
4Hollywood Black
7One Foot in the Grave
8Give Her the Gun
9Blood from a Stone
10Here's to You
11Bring Down the Rain

Dio albums

1Angry Machines[ 1996 ]
2Dream Evil[ 1987 ]
3Holy Diver[ 1990 ]
4Killing the Dragon[ 2002 ]
5Lock Up the Wolves[ 1990 ]
6Magica[ 2000 ]
7Master of the Moon[ 2004 ]
8Sacred Heart[ 1985 ]
9Strange Highways[ 1994 ]
10The Last in Line[ 1984 ]
1Angry Machines (Dio)
2Dream Evil (Dio)
3Holy Diver (Dio)
4Killing the Dragon (Dio)
5Lock Up the Wolves (Dio)
6Magica (Dio)
7Master of the Moon (Dio)
8Sacred Heart (Dio)
9Strange Highways (Dio)
10The Last in Line (Dio)

Dio songs

1All the Fools Sailed Away [from the "Dream Evil"]07:12
2Along Comes A Spider [from the "Killing the Dragon"]03:32
3Another Lie [from the "Sacred Heart"]03:50
4As Long As It's Not About Love [from the "Magica"]06:04
5Before The Fall [from the "Killing the Dragon"]03:48
6Better In The Dark [from the "Killing the Dragon"]03:43
7Between Two Hearts [from the "Lock Up the Wolves"]06:30
8Big Sister [from the "Angry Machines"]05:35
9Black [from the "Angry Machines"]03:10
10Blood from a Stone [from the "Strange Highways"]04:15
11Born On The Sun [from the "Lock Up the Wolves"]05:35
12Breathless [from the "The Last in Line"]04:09
13Bring Down the Rain [from the "Strange Highways"]05:45
14Caught In The Middle [from the "Holy Diver"]04:17
15Challis [from the "Magica"]04:25
16Cold Feet [from the "Killing the Dragon"]04:11
17Death by Love [from the "Master of the Moon"]04:21
18Discovery [from the "Magica"]00:54
19Don't Talk To Strangers [from the "Holy Diver"]04:53
20Don't Tell The Kids [from the "Angry Machines"]04:19
21Double Monday [from the "Angry Machines"]02:55
22Dream Evil [from the "Dream Evil"]04:28
23Dying In America [from the "Angry Machines"]04:38
24Eat Your Heart Out [from the "The Last in Line"]03:50
25Egypt (The Chains Are On) [from the "The Last in Line"]06:57
26End of the World [from the "Master of the Moon"]04:39
27Eriel [from the "Magica"]07:23
28Evil Eyes [from the "The Last in Line"]03:38
29Evil On Queen Street [from the "Lock Up the Wolves"]06:04
30Evilution [from the "Strange Highways"]05:37
31Faces In The Window [from the "Dream Evil"]03:53
32Fallen Angels [from the "Sacred Heart"]04:03
33Feed My Head [from the "Magica"]05:39
34Fever Dreams [from the "Magica"]04:37
35Fever Dreams (Live) - Ronnie James Dio (With Deep Purple) [from the "Killing the Dragon"]04:24
36Firehead [from the "Strange Highways"]04:07
37Give Her the Gun [from the "Strange Highways"]06:00
38Golden Rules [from the "Angry Machines"]04:54
39Guilty [from the "Killing the Dragon"]04:26
40Gypsy [from the "Holy Diver"]03:38
41he Eyes [from the "Master of the Moon"]06:27
42Here's to You [from the "Strange Highways"]03:24
43Hey Angel [from the "Lock Up the Wolves"]05:00
44Hollywood Black [from the "Strange Highways"]05:09
45Holy Diver [from the "Holy Diver"]05:51
46Hungry for Heaven [from the "Sacred Heart"]04:14
47Hunter Of The Heart [from the "Angry Machines"]04:13
48I Am [from the "Master of the Moon"]05:00
49I Could Have Been A Dreamer [from the "Dream Evil"]04:45
50I Speed at Night [from the "The Last in Line"]03:22
51In Dreams [from the "Master of the Moon"]04:26
52Institutional Man [from the "Angry Machines"]05:08
53Invisible [from the "Holy Diver"]05:25
54Jesus, Mary and The Holy Ghost [from the "Strange Highways"]04:13
55Just Another Day [from the "Sacred Heart"]03:26
56Killing The Dragon [from the "Killing the Dragon"]04:25
57King of Rock and Roll [from the "Sacred Heart"]03:51
58Like the Beat of a Heart [from the "Sacred Heart"]04:26
59Living the Lie [from the "Master of the Moon"]04:25
60Lock Up The Wolves [from the "Lock Up the Wolves"]08:32

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Dio was an American heavy metal band from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, after he left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice.

Naming the band Dio made sense from a commercial standpoint, as the name was already well-known at that time. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Hard rock
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