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If Life Was Easy by Roger Glover [2011] [album editions]

If Life Was Easy (Roger Glover)

Track listing

1Don't Look Now (Everything Has Changed)
2The Dream I Had
4The Car Won't Start
5Boy Of Tricks
6If Life Was Easy
7Stand Together
8Welcome To The Moon
9Set Your Imagination Free
10When Life Get To The Bone
11When The Day Is Done
12Get Away (Can't Let You)
13Staring Into Space
14The Ghost Of Your Smile
15Cruel World
16Feel Like A King

Roger Glover albums

1If Life Was Easy[ 2011 ]
1If Life Was Easy (Roger Glover)

Roger Glover songs

1Boy Of Tricks [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:34
2Cruel World [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:21
3Don't Look Now (Everything Has Changed) [from the "If Life Was Easy"]04:05
4Feel Like A King [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:43
5Get Away (Can't Let You) [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:29
6If Life Was Easy [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:31
7Moonlight [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:48
8Set Your Imagination Free [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:35
9Stand Together [from the "If Life Was Easy"]04:47
10Staring Into Space [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:40
11The Car Won't Start [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:34
12The Dream I Had [from the "If Life Was Easy"]03:27
13The Ghost Of Your Smile [from the "If Life Was Easy"]04:30
14Welcome To The Moon [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:32
15When Life Get To The Bone [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:58
16When The Day Is Done [from the "If Life Was Easy"]02:57

Roger Glover

Roger Glover

Roger David Glover is a British bassist, songwriter, and record producer.

Glover is best known as the bassist for hard rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Blues-rock,
  • Progressive rock,
  • Pop rock
  • If Life Was Easy by Roger Glover

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