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Actual Size by Mr. Big [2001] [album editions]

Actual Size (Mr. Big)

Track listing

1Lost In America
2Wake Up
5Mary Goes 'Round
7One World Away
8I Don't Want To Be Happy
9Crawl Over Me
10Cheap Little Thrill
11How Did I Give Myself Away
12Nothing Like It In the World
13Deep Dark Secret (Japan Bonus Track)

Mr. Big albums

1Actual Size[ 2001 ]
2Bump Ahead[ 1993 ]
3Get Over It[ 1999 ]
4Hey Man[ 1996 ]
5Lean Into It[ 1991 ]
6Mr. Big[ 1989 ]
7What If....[ 2011 ]
1Actual Size (Mr. Big)
2Bump Ahead (Mr. Big)
3Get Over It (Mr. Big)
4Hey Man (Mr. Big)
5Lean Into It (Mr. Big)
6Mr. Big (Mr. Big)
7What If.... (Mr. Big)

Mr. Big songs

61Shine [from the "Actual Size"]03:43
62Static [from the "Get Over It"]03:07
63Still Ain't Enough For Me [from the "What If...."]03:04
64Stranger In My Life [from the "What If...."]04:25
65Suffocation [from the "Actual Size"]04:42
66Superfantastic [from the "Get Over It"]03:45
67Take a Walk [from the "Mr. Big"]03:57
68Take Cover [from the "Hey Man"]04:37
69Tears [from the "Hey Man"]03:19
70Temperamental [from the "Bump Ahead"]04:55
71The Chain [from the "Hey Man"]03:46
72The Whole World's Gonna Know [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:52
73To Be With You [from the "Lean Into It"]03:30
74Trapped In Toyland [from the "Hey Man"]04:24
75Try to Do Without It [from the "Get Over It"]04:54
76Undertow [from the "What If...."]04:48
77Unforgiven [from the "What If...."]04:15
78Voodoo Kiss [from the "Lean Into It"]04:06
79Wake Up [from the "Actual Size"]03:44
80Water Over the Bridge (Bonus Track) [from the "Get Over It"]03:30
81What's It Gonna Be [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:57
82Where Do I Fit In? [from the "Hey Man"]04:23
83Wild World [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:28
84Wind Me Up [from the "Mr. Big"]04:11

Mr. Big

Mr. Big

Mr. Big is an American hard rock group, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1988. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Soft rock,
  • Glam metal
  • Shine by Mr. Big

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