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Cannibal by Ke$ha [2010] [album editions]

Cannibal (Ke$ha)

Track listing

2We R Who We R
5The Harold Song
6Crazy Beautiful Life
7Grow A Pear
8C U Next Tuesday
9Animal (Billboard Remix)

Ke$ha albums

1Animal[ 2010 ]
2Cannibal[ 2010 ]
3Tik Tok (Single)[ 2009 ]
4Warrior[ 2012 ]
1Animal (Ke$ha)
2Cannibal (Ke$ha)
3Tik Tok (Single) (Ke$ha)
4Warrior (Ke$ha)

Ke$ha songs

1All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) [from the "Warrior"]03:37
2Animal [from the "Animal"]03:03
3Animal (Billboard Remix) [from the "Cannibal"]04:16
4Backstabber [from the "Animal"]03:09
5Blah Blah Blah (ft. 3OH!3) [from the "Animal"]02:54
6Blind [from the "Animal"]03:52
7Blow [from the "Cannibal"]03:40
8Boots & Boys [from the "Animal"]03:18
9C U Next Tuesday [from the "Cannibal"]03:45
10Cannibal [from the "Cannibal"]03:14
11C'mon [from the "Warrior"]03:34
12Crazy Beautiful Life [from the "Cannibal"]02:50
13Crazy Kids [from the "Warrior"]03:50
14Dancing With Tears in My Eyes [from the "Animal"]04:25
15Die Young [from the "Warrior"]03:31
16Dinosaur [from the "Animal"]02:54
17Dirty Love (ft. Iggy Pop) [from the "Warrior"]02:43
18Gold Trans Am [from the "Warrior"]03:20
19Grow A Pear [from the "Cannibal"]03:28
20Hungover [from the "Animal"]03:03
21Kiss N Tell [from the "Animal"]03:27
22Last Goodbye [from the "Warrior"]03:49
23Love Into the Light [from the "Warrior"]04:46
24Only Wanna Dance With You [from the "Warrior"]03:31
25Out Alive [from the "Warrior"]03:31
26Party At A Rich Dude's House [from the "Animal"]03:17
27Past Lives [from the "Warrior"]03:35
28Sleazy [from the "Cannibal"]03:25
29Stephen [from the "Animal"]03:17
30Supernatural [from the "Warrior"]04:10
31Take It Off [from the "Animal"]03:43
32The Harold Song [from the "Cannibal"]03:58
33Thinking of You [from the "Warrior"]03:03
34TiK ToK [from the "Animal"]03:21
35Tik Tok (Chuck Bucket Mix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:55
36Tik Tok (Cooly G Mix Mono) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:49
37Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Club) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]06:42
38Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Radio) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:54
39Tik Tok (Original Version) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:23
40Tik Tok (Tom Nevilles Crunk And Med Vocal Mix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]06:54
41Tik Tok (Untold Remix Dub) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:58
42Tik Tok (Untold Remix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:59
43V.I.P. [from the "Animal"]03:36
44Warrior [from the "Warrior"]03:59
45We R Who We R [from the "Cannibal"]03:24
46Wherever You Are [from the "Warrior"]03:58
47Wonderland [from the "Warrior"]03:42
48Your Love Is My Drug [from the "Animal"]03:07

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Kesha Rose Sebert, better known as Ke$ha, is an American recording artist.

Her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on Flo Rida's number one single "Right Round".


  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Electronic
  • Blow - one of the best Ke$ha songs, top songs list [#1927]

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