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In Case You Didn't Know by Olly Murs [2011] [album editions]

In Case You Didn't Know (Olly Murs)

Track listing

1Heart Skips a Beat (ft. Rizzle Kicks)
2Oh My Goodness
3Dance With Me Tonight
4I've Tried Everything
5This Song Is About You
6In Case You Didn't Know
7Tell the World
8I'm Ok
9Just Smile
10On My Cloud
11I Don't Love You Too
12Anywhere Else
13I Need You Now
14Have a Good Day

Olly Murs albums

1In Case You Didn't Know[ 2011 ]
2Never Been Better[ 2014 ]
3Olly Murs[ 2010 ]
4Right Place Right Time[ 2012 ]
1In Case You Didn't Know (Olly Murs)
2Never Been Better (Olly Murs)
3Olly Murs (Olly Murs)
4Right Place Right Time (Olly Murs)

Olly Murs songs

1A Million More Years [from the "Olly Murs"]03:36
2Accidental [from the "Olly Murs"]03:22
3Anywhere Else [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:25
4Army of Two [from the "Right Place Right Time"]04:47
5Army of Two (Live) [from the "Right Place Right Time"]04:32
6Ask Me To Stay [from the "Olly Murs"]03:35
7Beautiful to Me [from the "Never Been Better"]04:05
8Busy [from the "Olly Murs"]03:00
9Can't Say No [from the "Never Been Better"]03:10
10Change Is Gonna Come [from the "Olly Murs"]03:46
11Cry Your Heart Out [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:39
12Dance With Me Tonight [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:22
13Dear Darlin' [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:26
14Did You Miss Me [from the "Never Been Better"]03:16
15Don't Say Goodbye [from the "Olly Murs"]03:36
16Hand on Heart [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:17
17Have a Good Day [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]02:25
18Head To Toe [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:15
19Heart on My Sleeve [from the "Olly Murs"]03:29
20Heart Skips a Beat (ft. Rizzle Kicks) [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:22
21Hey You Beautiful [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:06
22History [from the "Never Been Better"]02:51
23Hold On [from the "Olly Murs"]03:05
24Hope You Got What You Came For [from the "Never Been Better"]03:26
25I Blame Hollywood [from the "Olly Murs"]03:09
26I Don't Love You Too [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]04:05
27I Need You Now [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:28
28I'm Ok [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:45
29In Case You Didn't Know [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:25
30I've Tried Everything [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:24
31Just Smile [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:45
32Let Me In [from the "Never Been Better"]04:04
33Loud & Clear [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:49
34Love Shine Down [from the "Olly Murs"]04:06
35Never Been Better [from the "Never Been Better"]04:16
36Nothing Without You [from the "Never Been Better"]03:34
37Oh My Goodness [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:04
38On My Cloud [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]02:21
39One Of These Days [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:06
40Perfect Night (To Say Goodbye) [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:22
41Personal [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:15
42Please Don't Let Me Go [from the "Olly Murs"]03:24
43Ready for Love [from the "Never Been Better"]03:26
44Right Place Right Time [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:13
45Runaway [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:37
46Seasons [from the "Never Been Better"]03:37
47Sliding Doors [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:56
48Stick With Me [from the "Never Been Better"]03:37
49Tell the World [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:47
50The One [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:38
51Thinking of Me [from the "Olly Murs"]03:26
52This Song Is About You [from the "In Case You Didn't Know"]03:46
53Tomorrow [from the "Never Been Better"]03:38
54Trouble Maker (Live) [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:47
55Troublemaker [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:05
56Up (ft. Demi Lovato) [from the "Never Been Better"]03:44
57Us Against the World [from the "Never Been Better"]03:27
58We Still Love [from the "Never Been Better"]03:15
59What a Buzz [from the "Right Place Right Time"]03:07
60Why Do I Love You [from the "Never Been Better"]03:43

Olly Murs - top artists list [#154]

Olly Murs

Oliver Stanley (Olly Murs) is an English singer-songwriter, musician and TV presenter.

Murs rose to fame after finishing as the runner-up in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009.


  • Pop,
  • Reggae fusion,
  • Ska,
  • Dance,
  • Soul
  • Dance With Me Tonight - one of the best Olly Murs songs, top songs list [#1136]

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