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Smoke Ring For My Halo by Kurt Vile [2011] [album editions]

Smoke Ring For My Halo (Kurt Vile)

Track listing

1Baby's Arms
2Jesus Fever
3Puppet To The Man
4On Tour
5Society Is My Friend
6Runner Ups
7In My Time
8Peeping Tomboy
9Smoke Ring For My Halo
10Ghost Town
11(Shell Blues)

Kurt Vile albums

1Childish Prodigy[ 2009 ]
2Constant Hitmaker[ 2008 ]
3Fall Demons[ 2009 ]
4God is Saying This to You[ 2009 ]
5Smoke Ring For My Halo[ 2011 ]
6The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)[ 2009 ]
1Childish Prodigy (Kurt Vile)
2Constant Hitmaker (Kurt Vile)
3Fall Demons (Kurt Vile)
4God is Saying This to You (Kurt Vile)
5Smoke Ring For My Halo (Kurt Vile)
6The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators) (Kurt Vile)

Kurt Vile songs

1(Shell Blues) [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]01:01
2American Folded [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]01:28
3Amplifier [from the "Childish Prodigy"]04:01
4Baby's Arms [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]03:56
5Beach on the Moon [from the "God is Saying This to You"]04:23
6Best Love [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]03:22
7Black Hands [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]01:43
8Blackberry Song [from the "Childish Prodigy"]03:26
9Breathin Out [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]02:57
10Can't Come [from the "God is Saying This to You"]01:34
11Classic Rock in Spring/Freeway in Mind [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]06:07
12Crystal Crowns [from the "Fall Demons"]00:44
13Damn You [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]03:04
14Dead Alive [from the "Childish Prodigy"]03:46
15Deep Sea [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]05:12
16Doctor Orgatron [from the "God is Saying This to You"]01:38
17Don't Get Cute [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]03:02
18Freak Train [from the "Childish Prodigy"]07:18
19Freeway [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]02:41
20Frip Job [from the "God is Saying This to You"]01:09
21Ghost Town [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]06:23
22God is Saying This to You [from the "God is Saying This to You"]00:30
23Good Lookin' Out [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]05:17
24Goodbye Freaks [from the "Childish Prodigy"]02:54
25Heart Attack [from the "Childish Prodigy"]03:09
26He's Alright [from the "Childish Prodigy"]04:35
27Hunchback [from the "Childish Prodigy"]04:49
28Hunchy's Back [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]01:32
29In My Time [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]03:47
30Inside Lookin Out [from the "Childish Prodigy"]06:38
31Intro in Z [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]00:29
32Jesus Fever [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]03:46
33Losing It [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]01:33
34Monkey [from the "Childish Prodigy"]03:43
35My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This) [from the "God is Saying This to You"]04:38
36My Sympathy [from the "God is Saying This to You"]02:32
37Old Jay Pea [from the "Fall Demons"]01:03
38On Tour [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]05:26
39Overnight KV [from the "God is Saying This to You"]01:19
40Overnite Religion [from the "Childish Prodigy"]05:15
41Peeping Tomboy [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]04:24
42Prom King [from the "God is Saying This to You"]01:49
43Puppet To The Man [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]03:52
44Red Apples [from the "God is Saying This to You"]04:19
45Runner Ups [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]04:00
46Slick Licks [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]02:31
47Slow Talkers [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]03:00
48Smoke Ring For My Halo [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]04:35
49Society In A Riff [from the "Fall Demons"]00:58
50Society Is My Friend [from the "Smoke Ring For My Halo"]05:39
51Songs for John in D [from the "God is Saying This to You"]03:40
52Space Forklift [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]05:35
53Subliminal Message [from the "Fall Demons"]03:57
54Summer Demons [from the "Fall Demons"]02:43
55Take My Advice [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]03:15
56The Hunchback [from the "The Hunchback (Kurt Vile & The Violators)"]04:59
57Trumpets In Summer [from the "Constant Hitmaker"]02:25
58White Riffs [from the "God is Saying This to You"]00:50

Kurt Vile - top artists list [#660]

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile is a guitarist and singer from Philadelphia.

He was signed by Matador Records as a solo artist in May 2009.

His music has been likened to that of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and Tom Petty.


  • Rock,
  • Heartland rock,
  • Roots rock,
  • Lo-fi,
  • Indie rock
  • Baby's Arms - one of the best Kurt Vile songs, top songs list [#1814]

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