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Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney [2004] [album editions]

Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney)

Track listing

1She's No You
2Beautiful Soul
3Get Your Shine On
4Take Your Sweet Time
5Without U
6Why Don't You Kiss Her
7That Was Then
8Come To Me
9What's Your Name
10Because You Live
11Why Is Love So Hard To Find
12The Stupid Things
13The Best Day of My Life
14The Stupid Things (Acoustic)

Jesse McCartney albums

1Beautiful Soul[ 2004 ]
2Departure[ 2008 ]
3Have It All[ 2012 ]
4Right Where You Want Me[ 2006 ]
1Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney)
2Departure (Jesse McCartney)
3Have It All (Jesse McCartney)
4Right Where You Want Me (Jesse McCartney)

Jesse McCartney songs

1Anybody [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:21
2Beautiful Soul [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:35
3Because You Live [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:19
4Blow Your Mind [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:11
5Body Language [from the "Departure"]03:39
6Can't Let You Go [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]02:46
7Club Hop [from the "Have It All"]03:09
8Come To Me [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:50
9Crash & Burn [from the "Departure"]03:17
10Daddy's Little Girl [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]02:43
11Feelin' You [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:25
12Freaky [from the "Departure"]03:37
13Get Your Shine On [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:13
14Have It All [from the "Have It All"]03:21
15How Do You Sleep (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Departure"]03:29
16I Don't Normally Do This [from the "Have It All"]03:56
17I Think She Likes Me [from the "Have It All"]03:14
18In My Veins [from the "Departure"]04:16
19Into Ya [from the "Departure"]03:45
20Invincible [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:43
21It's Over [from the "Departure"]04:06
22Just Go [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:38
23Just So You Know [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:54
24Leavin' [from the "Departure"]03:38
25Makeup [from the "Departure"]03:52
26Mrs. Mistake [from the "Have It All"]03:50
27My Baby [from the "Departure"]03:31
28Not Your Enemy [from the "Departure"]04:15
29One Night [from the "Have It All"]03:35
30Oxygen [from the "Departure"]04:02
31Relapse [from the "Departure"]03:36
32Right Back In The Water [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:26
33Right Where You Want Me [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:32
34Rock You (ft. Sean Garrett) [from the "Departure"]03:08
35Runnin' [from the "Departure"]03:43
36Seasons (My Life Will Never Change) [from the "Have It All"]02:57
37Shake [from the "Have It All"]03:08
38She's No You [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:35
39Take Your Sweet Time [from the "Beautiful Soul"]04:03
40Tell Her [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]04:00
41That Was Then [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:45
42The Best Day of My Life [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:14
43The Stupid Things [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:37
44The Stupid Things (Acoustic) [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:30
45The Writer [from the "Have It All"]03:37
46Told You So [from the "Departure"]04:01
47Tonight Is Your Night [from the "Have It All"]04:13
48Undo [from the "Have It All"]04:00
49We Can Go Anywhere [from the "Right Where You Want Me"]03:35
50What's Your Name [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:32
51Why Don't You Kiss Her [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:21
52Why Is Love So Hard To Find [from the "Beautiful Soul"]04:11
53Without U [from the "Beautiful Soul"]03:13

Jesse McCartney - top artists list [#485]

Jesse McCartney

Jesse A. McCartney is a singer-songwriter and actor.

McCartney achieved fame in the late 1990s on the daytime drama All My Children as JR Chandler. He later joined boy band Dream Street, and eventually branched out into a solo musical career. []


  • Pop,
  • R&B,
  • Pop rock
  • Because You Live - one of the best Jesse McCartney songs, top songs list [#1937]

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